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Y. Jay Guo on disruptive antenna technologies paving the way towards 6G



In this episode of OJAP TALKS, Y. Jay Guo, a leader in the field of 5G and 6G antenna technologies, discusses with Wei Lin, the lead Guest Editor of the IEEE OJAP Special Section on Advanced Antenna Technologies for 5G Internet-of-Things Applications, about the challenges and latest advances in antenna design that enable beyond-5G and 6G systems. Find out more about 6G requirements and “killer” applications, and discover antenna and propagation technologies that are in the spotlight for making 6G a reality.

Y. Jay Guo is the Director of Global Big Data Technologies Centre and Distinguished Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. Wei Lin is Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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Discover Dr. Guo’s latest book entitled “Advanced Antenna Array Engineering for 6G and Beyond Wireless Communications”, that will be available in September 2021.


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