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IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation

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Spotlight on Women’s Research in Antennas and Propagation

Special Collection of Articles published in 2021

Guest Editors: Lei Guo, Irene Karanasiou, and Sima Noghanian

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Liquid Antennas: Past, Present and Future | Yi Huang, Lei Xing, Chaoyun Song, Stephen Wang, and Fatma Elhouni

Dual-Polarized High-Isolation Antenna Design and Beam Steering Array Enabling Full-Duplex Communications for Operation Over a Wide Frequency Range | Maksim V. Kuznetcov, Symon K. Podilchak, Ariel J. McDermott and Mathini Sellathura

Wideband Printed Half Bow-Tie Antenna Array Based on a Quad-Mode Reconfigurable Feeding Network for UAV Communications | Ye-Yeong Jeong and Wang-Sang Lee

Miniaturization of a Filter-Antenna Device by Co-Design | L. Huitema, Y. Dia, M. Thevenot, S. Bila, A. Perigaud, and C. Delaveaud

Penta-Band Inverted-F Antenna Tuned by High-Voltage Switchable RF Capacitors | Valentyn Solomko, Oguzhan Oezdamar, Robert Weigel, and Amelie Hagelauer

Large Screen Enabled Tri-Port MIMO Handset Antenna for Low LTE Bands | Hanieh Aliakbari, Li Ying Nie, and Buon Kiong Lau

Wideband via-Loaded Cylindrical Open-Ended SIW Cavity Antenna | Chun-Mei Liu, Shao-Qiu Xiao, Desong Wang, and Ke Wu

A Low-Profile Dual-Band Filtering Hybrid Antenna With Broadside Radiation Based on Patch and SIW Resonators | Qianwen Liu and Lei Zhu

Frequency-Dependent Feeding Methods for Broadband Vivaldi Arrays With Minimum Half-Power Beamwidth (HPBW) Variation | Dakotah J. Simpson and Dimitra Psychogiou

Electromagnetics and Materials

3D Printed Wideband Multilayered Dual-Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna With Integrated MMIC Switch | Merve Kacar, Thomas M. Weller, and Gokhan Mumcu

Screen-Printed Fabric Antennas for Wearable Applications | Umar Hasni, McKenzie E. Piper, Jonathan Lundquist, and Erdem Topsakal

A Metamaterial Position Sensor Based on Magnetoinductive Waves | J. Yan, C. J. Stevens, and E. Shamonina

Analytic Sinusoidal Steady-State Electromagnetic Field Expressions for the Ideal Veselago Lens | Marzieh Eini Keleshteri, Vladimir I. Okhmatovski, and Joe Lovetri

Computational and Numerical Techniques

Antenna Array Calibration Using a Sparse Scene | Johanna Geiss, Erik Sippel, Markus Hehn, and Martin Vossiek

Design Optimization of Origami-Tunable Frequency Selective Surfaces | Kazuko Fuchi, Deanna Sessions, Andrew Gillman, Venkatesh Meenakshisundaram, Alexander Cook, Gregory H. Huff, and Philip R. Buskohl

DOA Estimation in Non-Uniform Noise Using Matrix Completion via Alternating Projection | Yingna Fei, Hui Cao, Yuntao Wu, Xitong Chen, and Li Chen

Resource Optimization Framework for Physical Layer Security of Dual-Hop Multi-Carrier Decode and Forward Relay Networks |Marryam Nawaz, Wali Ullah Khan, Zain Ali, Asim Ihsan, Omer Waqar, and Guftaar Ahmad Sardar Sidhu

A Numerical Exposure Assessment of Portable Self-Protection, High-Range, and Broadband Electromagnetic Devices |Eliana Canicattì, Elisa Giampietri, Danilo Brizi, Nunzia Fontana, and Agostino Monorchio

Propagation and Scattering

Profile Inversion and Closed Form Formulation of Compact GRIN Lenses |Francesca Maggiorelli, Anastasios Paraskevopoulos, J. C. Vardaxoglou, Matteo Albani, and Stefano Maci

Electromagnetic Scattering by Metallic Targets Above a Biological Medium With a Spectral-Domain Approach |Cristina Ponti, Ludovica Tognolatti, and Giuseppe Schettini

Quantitative Non-Linear Inverse Scattering: A Wealth of Possibilities Through Smart Rewritings of the Basic Equations |Martina Teresa Bevacqua, and Tommaso Isernia

Scattering by Perfectly Conducting Cylindrical Targets Hidden Below a Multilayered Medium |Cristina Ponti

A Non-Iterative Crosswords-Inspired Approach to the Recovery of 2-D Discrete Signals From Phaseless Fourier Transform Data | G. M. Battaglia, R. Palmeri, A. F. Morabito, P. G. Nicolaci, and T. Isernia

Antenna Applications and Emerging Technologies

A Compact Double-Ridged Horn Antenna for Ultra-Wide Band Microwave Imaging | Stefania Diana, Danilo Brizi, Chiara Ciampalini, Guido Nenna, and Agostino Monorchio

Sensor Arrangement in Monostatic Subsurface Radar Imaging | Maria Antonia Maisto, Rocco Pierri, and Raffaele Solimene

15–40 GHz and 40–110 GHz Double-Ridge Open-Ended Waveguide Antennas for Ultra-Wideband Medical Imaging Applications | Milad Mirzaee, Amir Mirbeik-Sabzevari, and Negar Tavassolian

Microwave Imaging of the Neck by Means of Artificial Neural Networks for Tumor Detection | Chiara Dachena, Alessandro Fedeli, Alessandro Fanti, Matteo Bruno Lodi, Giorgio Fumera, Andrea Randazzo, and Matteo Pastorino