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Special Issue on Wireless Real-Time Heald Monitoring Technology For Personalized Medicine


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Wireless Real-time Health Monitoring Technology for Personalized Medicine G. Lazzi, R. Lee, and K. S. Nikita

Compact Implantable Antennas for Cerebrospinal Fluid Monitoring M. Manoufali, K. Bialkowski, B. Mohammed, P. C. Mills, and A. M. Abbosh

Design and Evaluation of an Antenna Applicator for a Microwave Colonoscopy System M. Guardiola, K. Djafri, M. Challal, M. A. González Ballester, G. Fernandez-Esparrach, O. Camara, and J. Romeu

Fundamental Limits for Implanted Antennas: Maximum Power Density Reaching Free Space A. K. Skrivervik, M. Bosiljevac, and Z. Sipus

Measurement Data-Based Study on the Intrabody Propagation in the Presence of the Sternotomy Wires and Aortic Valve Implant M. Särestöniemi, C. Pomalaza-Ráez, T. Kumpuniemi, M. Hämäläinen, R. Kovacs, and J. Iinatti

Wideband UHF DQPSK Backscatter Communication in Reverberant Cavity Animal Cage Environments A. Sharma, E. Kampianakis, J. Rosenthal, A. Pike, A. Dadkhah, and M. S. Reynolds

Analysis and Design of a 3-Coil Wireless Power Transmission System for Biomedical Applications M. Machnoor, E. S. Gámez Rodríguez, P. Kosta, J. Stang, and G. Lazzi

UWB Path Loss Models for Ingestible Devices S. Perez-Simbor, C. Andreu, C. Garcia-Pardo, M. Frasson, and N. Cardona

UWB RSS-Based Localization for Capsule Endoscopy Using a Multilayer Phantom and In Vivo Measurements M. Barbi, C. Garcia-Pardo, A. Nevárez, V. Pons Beltrán, and N. Cardona

A Compact Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for On-Body Applications S. Bhattacharjee, S. Maity, S. R. B. Chaudhuri, and M. Mitra

Bio-Matched Horn: A Novel 1–9 GHz On-Body Antenna for Low-Loss Biomedical Telemetry With Implants J. Blauert and A. Kiourti

Development of a 2.45 GHz Antenna for Flexible Compact Radiation Dosimeter Tags O. M. Sanusi, F. A. Ghaffar, A. Shamim, M. Vaseem, Y. Wang, and L. Roy

Collimated Beam FMCW Radar for Vital Sign Patient Monitoring A. Prat, S. Blanch, A. Aguasca, J. Romeu, and A. Broquetas

A Simple Concurrent Parameter Estimation Method Suitable for Noncontact Vital Sensing Using a Doppler Sensor Y. Kamiya

Compact 3-D Antenna for Medical Diagnosis of the Human Head M. Rokunuzzaman, A. Ahmed, T. C. Baum, and W. S. T. Rowe

Pattern Reconfigurable Wideband Loop Antenna for Thorax Imaging S. A. Rezaeieh, A. Zamani, and A. M. Abbosh

A Novel Flexible Electrotextile 3T MRI RF Coil Array for Carotid Artery Imaging: Design, Characterization, and Prototyping D. Zhang and Y. Rahmat-Samii