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Special issue on Wireless Information Technology and Networks

ΜΑΥ 2002| VOLUME 20| ISSUE 5

Guest editorial: Special issue on wireless information technology and networksM.F. Iskander, J.W. Mink

Evaluation of an ultra-wide-band propagation channelR.J.-M. Cramer, R.A. Scholtz, M.Z. Win

Smart antenna system analysis, integration and performance for mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs)S. Bellofiore, J. Foutz, R. Govindarajula, I. Bahceci, C.A. Balanis, A.S. Spanias, J.M. Capone, T.M. Duman

Adaptive processing using a single snapshot for a nonuniformly spaced array in the presence of mutual coupling and near-field scatterersKyungjung Kim, T.K. Sarkar, M.S. Palma

Modeling the indoor MIMO wireless channelJ.W. Wallace, M.A. Jensen

A novel smart antenna system implementation for broad-band wireless communicationsSeong-Sik Jeon, Yuanxun Wang, Yongxi Qian, Tatsuo Itoh

A lens antenna array with adaptive optical processingE. Fotheringham, S. Romisch, P.C. Smith, D. Popovic, D.Z. Anderson, Z. Popovic

Novel low-cost beam-steering techniquesKai Chang, Ming-yi Li, Tae-Yeoul Yun, C.T. Rodenbeck

Design, modeling, and optimization of mechanically reconfigurable aperture antennasG. Washington, Hwan-Sik Yoon, M. Angelino, W.H. Theunissen

A retrodirective antenna array using a spatially fed local oscillatorW.E. Forsyth, W.A. Shiroma

A 10- to 21-GHz, low-cost, multifrequency, and full-duplex phased-array antenna systemTae-Yeoul Yun, Chunlei Wang, P. Zepeda, C.T. Rodenbeck, M.R. Coutant, Ming-yi Li, Kai Chang

Multibeam antennas with polarization and angle diversityD. Popovic, Z. Popovic

Miniature multi-element antenna for wireless communicationsL. Jofre, B.A. Cetiner, F. De Flaviis

Near-field antennas integrated with scanning probes for THz to visible microscopy: scale modeling and limitations on performanceB. Rosner, J. Peck, D. van der Weide

Design optimization of conformal antennas by integrating stochastic algorithms with the hybrid finite-element methodZhifang Li, Y.E. Erdemli, J.L. Volakis, P.Y. Papalambros

Near field in the vicinity of wireless base-station antennas: an exposure compliance approachS. Blanch, J. Romeu, A. Cardama

Characterization of micromachined transitions for high-speed integrated packagesR.F. Drayton, S.R. Banerjee, J.L. Haley

A high-linearity 100-element diode grid mixerM. Oliveira, C. Dart-Mao Cheung, A. Al-Zayed, I.-F.F. Chio, R.R. Swisher, F. Lecuyer, M.P. DeLisio

Influence of diffraction coefficient and corner shape on ray prediction of power and delay spread in urban microcellsH.M. El-Sallabi, G. Liang, H.L. Bertoni, I.T. Rekanos, P. Vainikainen

Polarimetric channel characterization of foliage for performance assessment of GPS receivers under tree canopiesIl-Suek Koh, K. Sarabandi

Measurements on scaled models of urban environments and comparisons with ray-tracing propagation simulationD. Erricolo, G. D'Elia, P.L.E. Uslenghi

Time-domain analysis of measurements on scaled urban models with comparisons to ray-tracing propagation simulationD. Erricolo, U.G. Crovella, P.L.E. Uslenghi

A ray-tracing approach for indoor/outdoor propagation through window structuresZhijun Zhang, R.K. Sorensen, Zhengqing Yun, M.F. Iskander, J.F. Harvey

A ray-tracing method based on the triangular grid approach and application to propagation prediction in urban environmentsZhengqing Yun, Zhijun Zhang, M.F. Iskander

Iterative site-based modeling for wireless infrared channelsJ.B. Carruthers, P. Kannan

Propagation path loss-a comparison between ray-tracing approach and empirical modelsD. Erricolo, P.L.E. Uslenghi