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Special Issue on Wireless Communications


Guest Editorial on Special Issue On Wireless CommunicationsY.Rahmat-Samii and W.L Stutzman

Experimental evaluation of smart antenna system performance for wireless communicationsShiann-Shiun Jeng, G.T. Okamoto, Guanghan Xu, Hsin-Piao Lin, and W.J. Vogel

Dual-polarized array for signal-processing applications in wireless communicationsB. Lindmark, S. Lundgren, J.R. Sanford, and C. Beckman

Angle and space diversity comparisons in different mobile radio environmentsP.L. Perini and C.L. Holloway

Effectiveness of four-branch height and polarization diversity configuration for street microcellK. Cho, T. Hori, and K. Kagoshima

A biconical multibeam antenna for space-division multiple accessF. Demmerle and W. Wiesbeck

Realization of dual-frequency and wide-band VSWR performances using normal-model helical and inverted-F antennasH. Nakano, N. Ikeda, Yu-Yuan Wu, R. Suzuki, H. Mimaki, and J. Yamauchi

A novel electromagnetically coupled microstrip antenna with a rotatable patch for personal handy-phone system unitsA. Ando, Y. Honma, and K. Kagoshima

Dipole configurations with strongly improved radiation efficiency for hand-held transceiversR.Y.-S. Tay, Q. Balzano, and N. Kuster

New considerations in the design of microstrip antennasN. Herscovici

Human proximity effects on circular polarized handset antennas in personal satellite communicationsJ.S. Colburn and Y. Rahmat-Samii

Numerical computation of human interaction with arbitrarily oriented superquadric loop antennas in personal communicationsWen-Tzu Chen and Huey-Ru Chuang

Computations of SAR distributions for two anatomically based models of the human head using CAD files of commercial telephones and the parallelized FDTD codeA.D. Tinniswood, C.M. Furse, and O.P. Gandhi

Diffuse channel model and experimental results for array antennas in mobile environmentsO. Norklit and J.B. Andersen

Base-station tracking in mobile communications using a switched parasitic antenna arrayS.L. Preston, D.V. Thiel, T.A. Smith, S.G. O'Keefe, and Jun Wei Lu

Numerical modeling of on-glass conformal automobile antennasR. Abou-Jaoude and E.K. Walton

A new approach to 3-D ray tracing for propagation prediction in citiesG. Liang and H.L. Bertoni

Theoretical analysis of UHF propagation in a city street modeled as a random multislit waveguideR. Mazar, A. Bronshtein, and I.-T. Lu

Modeling tree effects on path loss in a residential environmentS.A. Torrico, H.L. Bertoni, and R.H. Lang

Application of the fast far-field approximation to the computation of UHF pathloss over irregular terrainC. Brennan and P.J. Cullen

A channel model for multipath interference on terrestrial line-of-sight digital radioC.H. Bianchi; K. Sivaprasad

A notch-wire composite antenna for polarization diversity receptionN. Kuga; H. Arai; N. Goto

A ray-tracing method for modeling indoor wave propagation and penetrationChang-Fa Yang; Boau-Cheng Wu; Chuen-Jyi Ko

A body-shadowing model for indoor radio communication environmentsS. Obayashi; J. Zander

Temporal variations of the indoor wireless millimeter-wave channelP. Marinier; G.Y. Delisle; C.L. Despins

The Globalstar cellular satellite systemF.J. Dietrich; P. Metzen; P. Monte

Comparison of FDTD computed and measured radiation patterns of commercial mobile telephones in presence of the human headG. Lazzi; S.S. Pattnaik; C.M. Furse; O.P. Gandhi

Active-notch antennas stabilized with a slotline-ring resonator for wireless applicationsC.M. Montiel; Lu Fan; Kai Chang

Markov modeling of slow fading in wireless mobile channels at 1.9 GHzTao Su; Hao Ling; W.J. Vogel

Handset antennas and humans at Ka-band: the importance of directional antennasKang W. Kim; Y. Rahmat-Samii