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Special Issue on Wireless Communications


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Wireless CommunicationsM. F. Iskander, M. Ando, M. A. Jensen, and R. G. Vaughan


Antenna Design and Characterization

Compact Six-Sector Antenna Employing Three Intersecting Dual-Beam Microstrip Yagi–Uda Arrays With Common DirectorN. Honma, T. Seki, K. Nishikawa, K. Tsunekawa, and K. Sawaya

Study and Reduction of the Mutual Coupling Between Two Mobile Phone PIFAs Operating in the DCS1800 and UMTS BandsA. Diallo, C. Luxey, P. Le Thuc, R. Staraj, and G. Kossiavas

Compact Ultrawideband Rectangular Aperture Antenna and Band-Notched DesignsY.-C. Lin and K.-J. Hung

Mutual Coupling Compensation in UCAs: Simulations and ExperimentZ. Huang, C. A. Balanis, and C. R. Birtcher

A Switchable Multiple Beam Antenna for GSM-UMTS Base Stations in Planar TechnologyM. Barba, J. E. Page, J. A. Encinar, and J. R. Montejo-Garai

An Integrated Phased Array Antenna Design Using Ferroelectric Materials and the Continuous Transverse Stub TechnologyW. Kim, M. F. Iskander, and W. D. Palmer

Reverberation Chamber for Antenna Measurements: Modeling Using Method of Moments, Spectral Domain Techniques, and Asymptote ExtractionK. Karlsson, J. Carlsson, and P.-S. Kildal

Propagation Modeling and Channel Characterization

Statistical Analysis of the Multiple Scattering Radio ChannelJ. Salo, H. M. El-Sallabi, and P. Vainikainen

Capability of 3-D Ray Tracing for Defining Parameter Sets for the Specification of Future Mobile Communications SystemsT. Fügen, J. Maurer, T. Kayser, and W. Wiesbeck

A Novel Measurement-Based Algorithm for Coverage Prediction of Urban and Suburban Cells in Wireless NetworksJ. S. Xu, Y. Wang, and Z. Wang

Channel Characterization of Indoor Wireless Personal Area NetworksC. Oestges, D. Vanhoenacker-Janvier, and B. Clerckx

A Comprehensive Standardized Model for Ultrawideband Propagation ChannelsA. F. Molisch, D. Cassioli, C.-C. Chong, S. Emami, A. Fort, B. Kannan, J. Karedal, J. Kunisch, H. G. Schantz, K. Siwiak, and M. Z. Win

On the Use of Reverberation Chambers to Simulate a Rician Radio Environment for the Testing of Wireless DevicesC. L. Holloway, D. A. Hill, J. M. Ladbury, P. F. Wilson, G. Koepke, and J. Coder 3167

Ultrawideband Communication Systems

Conditions for Direction-Independent Distortion in UWB AntennasJ. McLean, H. Foltz, and R. Sutton

Correlation-Based Pattern Stability Analysis and a Figure of Merit for UWB AntennasT. Dissanayake and K. P. Esselle

Textile UWB Antennas for Wireless Body Area NetworksM. Klemm and G. Troester

Characterization and Modeling of Temporal Variations on an Ultrawideband Radio LinkP. Pagani and P. Pajusco

A Channel-Based Statistical Approach to Antenna Performance in UWB CommunicationsA. Sibille, C. Roblin, S. Bories, and A. C. Lepage

A Time Reversal Transmission Approach for Multiuser UWB CommunicationsH. T. Nguyen, I. Z. Kovács, and P. C. F. Eggers

Impact of Matching Network on Bandwidth of Compact Antenna ArraysB. K. Lau, J. B. Andersen, G. Kristensson, and A. F. Molisch

Experiments With Compact Antenna Arrays for MIMO Radio CommunicationsD. W. Browne, M. Manteghi, M. P. Fitz, and Y. Rahmat-Samii

Optimization of Linear Multielement Antennas for Selection Combining by Means of a Butler Matrix in Different MIMO EnvironmentsA. Grau, J. Romeu, S. Blanch, L. Jofre, and F. De Flaviis

Time-Varying MIMO Channels: Measurement, Analysis, and ModelingJ. W. Wallace and M. A. Jensen

An Experimental Investigation of Wideband MIMO Channel Characteristics Based on Outdoor Non-LOS Measurements at 1.8 GHzY. Yang, G. Xu, and H. Ling

Channel Capacity Measurement of 8 2 MIMO Transmission by Antenna Configurations in an Actual Cellular EnvironmentK. Nishimori, Y. Makise, M. Ida, R. Kudo, and K. Tsunekawa

Communication Systems and DSP Algorithms

Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation Using Electrically Small Tuned Dipole AntennasS. Hwang, S. Burintramart, T. K. Sarkar, and S. R. Best

Smart Antennas in a WCDMA Radio Network System: Modeling and EvaluationsA. Osseiran and A. Logothetis

Quality of Service of Broadband Fixed Wireless Access QPSK Channels Interfered by Adjacent Terrestrial LinksA. D. Panagopoulos, P. V. Skouloudakis, and P. G. Cottis