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Special Issue on Synthesis and Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetics and Antenna System Design


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Synthesis and Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetics and Antenna System DesignY. Rahmat-Samii and C. Christodoulou


Evolutionary Programming in Electromagnetic Optimization: A ReviewA. Hoorfar

Stochastic Optimization Methods Applied to Microwave Imaging: A ReviewM. Pastorino

Comparison of Different Heuristic Optimization Methods for Near-Field Antenna MeasurementsJ. R. Pérez and J. Basterrechea

Advances in Particle Swarm Optimization for Antenna Designs: Real-Number, Binary, Single-Objective and Multiobjective ImplementationsN. Jin and Y. Rahmat-Samii

A Microparticle Swarm Optimizer for the Reconstruction of Microwave ImagesT. Huang and A. Sanagavarapu Mohan

Antenna Design With a Mixed Integer Genetic AlgorithmR. L. Haupt

An Autopolyploidy-Based Genetic Algorithm for Enhanced Evolution of Linear Polyfractal ArraysJ. S. Petko and D. H. Werner

Multiobjective Optimal Antenna Design Based on Volumetric Material OptimizationS. Koulouridis, D. Psychoudakis, and J. L. Volakis

Design of a Band-Notched Planar Monopole Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm OptimizationA. J. Kerkhoff and H. Ling

Broadband HF Antenna Matching Network Design Using a Real-Coded Genetic AlgorithmJ. L. Rodríguez, I. García-Tuñón, J. M. Taboada, and F. Obelleiro Basteiro

A Distributed Intelligent Agent Platform for Genetic Optimization in CEM: Applications in a Quasi-Point Matching MethodD. G. Lymperopoulos, N. L. Tsitsas, and D. I. Kaklamani

Geometry Reconstruction of Conducting Cylinders Using Genetic ProgrammingR. A. Wildman and D. S. Weile

Optimizing Antenna Array Geometry for Interference SuppressionP. J. Bevelacqua and C. A. Balanis

Kernel Antenna Array ProcessingM. Martínez-Ramón, J. L. Rojo-Álvarez, G. Camps-Valls, and C. G. Christodoulou

Antenna Optimization Through Space MappingJ. Zhu, J. W. Bandler, N. K. Nikolova, and S. Koziel

A Hybrid Method Based on Combining Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Inference System for Simultaneous Computation of Resonant Frequencies of Rectangular, Circular, and Triangular Microstrip AntennasK. Guney and N. Sarikaya

Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Broadband Antenna Design Based on a Parametric Frequency ModelY. Kim, S. Keely, J. Ghosh, and H. Ling

Projection Matrix Method for Shaped Beam Synthesis in Phased Arrays and ReflectorsA. K. Bhattacharyya

A Multiresolution Approach to Contoured-Beam AntennasF. Vipiana, G. Vecchi, and M. Sabbadini

Optimizing Arrays of Randomly Placed Wireless Transmitters for Receivers Located Within the Array VolumeW. F. Young, E. F. Kuester, and C. L. Holloway

Nonconventional Least Squares Optimization for DOA EstimationS. Burintramart, T. K. Sarkar, Y. Zhang, and M. Salazar-Palma

Fast Low-Sidelobe Synthesis for Large Planar Array Antennas Utilizing Successive Fast Fourier Transforms of the ArrayW. P. M. N. Keizer

Linear Antenna Array Synthesis Using Taguchi’s Method: A Novel Optimization Technique in ElectromagneticsW.-C. Weng, F. Yang, and A. Z. Elsherbeni

A Hybrid Optimization Method to Analyze Metamaterial-Based Electrically Small AntennasA. Erentok and R. W. Ziolkowski

Hybrid Algorithms for Electromagnetic Problems and the No-Free-LunchO. Quevedo-Teruel, E. Rajo-Iglesias, and A. Oropesa-García

Solving Some Array Synthesis Problems by Means of an Effective Hybrid ApproachM. D’Urso and T. Isernia


Boundary Conditions in Particle Swarm Optimization RevisitedS. Xu and Y. Rahmat-Samii

A Sub-boundary Approach for Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization and Its Application to the Design of Artificial Magnetic ConductorsS. Genovesi, A. Monorchio, R. Mittra, and G. Manara

Design and Optimization of Three-Dimensional Integrated Lens Antennas With Genetic AlgorithmG. Godi, R. Sauleau, L. L. Coq, and D. Thouroude

An ANN Application for Fault Finding in Antenna ArraysA. Patnaik, B. Choudhury, P. Pradhan, R. K. Mishra, and G. Christodoulou

A Hybrid Genetic-Algorithm Space-Mapping Tool for the Optimization of AntennasM. F. Pantoja, P. Meincke, and A. R. Bretones

Genetical Swarm Optimization: Self-Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for ElectromagneticsF. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, and R. E. Zich.