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Special Issue on Spacecraft Antennas



The design of the mechanically despun antenna for the Intelsat III communications satelliteF. Donnelly;R. Graunas;J. Killian

ATS mechanically despun communications satellite antennaL. Blaisdell;R. Rubin;O. Mahr

A deployable cross LPD array on a conducting conePei-Rin Wu

Multifunction single-package antenna system for spin-stabilized near-synchronous satelliteJ. Rankin;M. Devane;M. Rosenthal

VHF antenna systems for spin-stabilized satellitesM. Rosenthal;M. Devane;B. LaPage

Large-aperture expandable truss microwave antennaJ. Fager;R. Garriott

An omnidirectional microwave antenna for use on spacecraftW. Croswell;C. Cockrell

Radiation characteristics of a cavity-backed cylindrical gap antennaC. Swift;T. Campbell;H. Hodara

Monopole and conic antennas on spherical vehiclesD. Bolle;M. Morganstern

Relativistic communications effects associated with moving space antennasJ. Holmes;A. Ishimaru

Radiation from a circularly polarized antenna through the ionized wake of a Mars-entry capsuleR. Woo;A. Ishimaru

Prolate spheroidal antennas in isotropic plasma mediaR. Lytle;F. Schultz

Aperture radiation from an axially slotted elliptical conducting cylinder using geometrical theory of diffractionC. Balanis;L. Peters

A probabilistic approach to large circular and spherical arraysA.Panicali;Yuen Lo

Spacecraft phased array configurationsA.Das;J. Delaney

Pattern synthesis of circular arrays in a moving mediumF. Tseng;D. Cheng

Performance analysis of planar hybrid matrix arraysW. Williams;K. Schroeder