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Special Issue on Smart Electromagnetic Environment


Special Issue on Smart Electromagnetic Environment Image

This Special Issue highlights important aspects related to the implementation of a “Smart Electromagnetic Environment,” where the propagation environment is considered together with the wireless infrastructure and the users, in a holistic approach going beyond the standard concepts of wireless infrastructure/channel.

Editorial Message From the Editor-in-ChiefKonstantina Nantia S. Nikita

Guest Editorial: Smart Electromagnetic EnvironmentFan Yang; Danilo Erricolo; Andrea Massa

Reradiation and Scattering From a Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface: A General Macroscopic ModelVittorio Degli-Esposti; Enrico M. Vitucci; Marco Di Renzo; Sergei A. Tretyakov

Macromodeling of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Based on Microwave Network TheoryZ. Zhang, J. W. Zhang,J. W. Wu, J. C. Liang, Z. X. Wang, Q. Cheng, Q. S. Cheng, T. J. Cui, H. Q. Yang, G. B. Liu, and S. R. Wang

On the Study of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in the Near-Field RegionP. Mei, Y. Cai, K. Zhao, Z. Ying, G. F. Pedersen, X. Q. Lin, and S. Zhang

Characteristic Model and Efficient FDTD-SPM Algorithm for Fishnet Metasurfaces AnalysisX. Jia, F. Yang, Y. Wen, M. Li, and S. Xu

3-D Pattern Modulation Surfaces Using Short-Circuited Slotline Structure: Proposal, Design, and ImplementationT.-X. Feng, L. Zhu, X. Zhao, and B. Li

Planar Pattern Manipulation Surfaces Using Dual-Polarized Pin-Loaded Patch Resonating ElementsT.-X. Feng, L. Zhu, T. Wei, and B. Li

Building a Smart EM Environment - AI-Enhanced Aperiodic Micro-Scale Design of Passive EM SkinsG. Oliveri, F. Zardi, P. Rocca, M. Salucci, and A. Massa

On the Design of Modular Reflecting EM Skins for Enhanced Urban Wireless CoverageP. Rocca, P. Da Rù, N. Anselmi, M. Salucci, G. Oliveri, D. Erricolo, and A. Massa

Active Control of THz Waves in Wireless Environments Using Graphene-Based RISS. Dash, C. Psomas, I. Krikidis, I. F. Akyildiz, and A. Pitsillides

An Angle-Insensitive 3-Bit Reconfigurable Intelligent SurfaceJ. C. Liang, Q. Cheng, Y. Gao, C. Xiao, S. Gao, L. Zhang, S. Jin, and T. J. Cui

Multi-Scale Single-Bit RP-EMS Synthesis for Advanced Propagation Manipulation Through System-by-DesignG. Oliveri, P. Rocca, M. Salucci, D. Erricolo, and A. Massa

Beam- and Band-Width Broadening of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Using Elliptical Phase DistributionP. Callaghan and P. R. Young

A Novel Realistic Approach of Adaptive Beamforming Based on Deep Neural NetworksMallioras, Z. D. Zaharis, P. I. Lazaridis, and S. Pantelopoulos

Planning of EM Skins for Improved Quality-of-Service in Urban AreasA. Benoni, M. Salucci, G. Oliveri, P. Rocca, B. Li, and A. Massa

Optimal Position and Orientation Study of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in a Mobile User EnvironmentG. Stratidakis, S. Droulias, and A. Alexiou

Fourier Domain Millimeter-Wave Imaging Using Noncooperative 5G Communications SignalsS. Vakalis, S. Mghabghab, and J. A. Nanzer

Metasurfaces 3.0: A New Paradigm for Enabling Smart Electromagnetic EnvironmentM. Barbuto, Z. Hamzavi-Zarghani, M. Longhi, A. Monti, D. Ramaccia, S. Vellucci, A. Toscano, and F. Bilotti

Toward a Heterogeneous Smart Electromagnetic Environment for Millimeter-Wave Communications: An Industrial ViewpointR. Flamini, D. De Donno, J. Gambini, F. Giuppi, C. Mazzucco, A. Milani, and L. Resteghini