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Special Issue on Recent Advances in Metamaterials and Metasurfaces


Metamaterials and Metasurfaces–Historical Context, Recent Advances, and Future DirectionsA. K. Iyer, A. Alù, and A. Epstein

Metamaterials: Two Decades Past and Into Their Electromagnetics Future and Beyond (Invited Paper)R. W. Ziolkowski and N. Engheta

Ultralow-Profile, Electrically Small, Pattern-Reconfigurable Metamaterial-Inspired Huygens Dipole Antenna (Invited Paper)Z. Wu, M.-C. Tang, M. Li, and R. W. Ziolkowski

Peripherally Excited Phased Array Architecture for Beam Steering with Reduced Number of Active Elements A. H. Dorrah and G. V. Eleftheriades

Wideband Active Region Metasurface Antennas (Invited Paper)M. Faenzi, D. González-Ovejero, and S. Maci

Multibeam and Beam Scanning With Modulated MetasurfacesM. Bodehou, E. Martini, S. Maci, I. Huynen, and C. Craeye

Leaky-Wave Antenna With Switchable Omnidirectional Conical Radiation via Polarization Handedness (Invited Paper)Y. Liu, M. Li, K. Song, D. Hu, H. Liu, X. Zhao, S. Zhang, and M. Navarro-Cía

A Cross-Shaped 2-D Periodic Leaky-Wave Antenna (Invited Paper)S. Sengupta, D. R. Jackson, A. T. Almutawa, H. Kazemi, F. Capolino, and S. A. Long

Metasurface-Enabled Advanced Short Backfire Antenna (Invited Paper)J. D. Binion, E. Lier, D. H. Werner, T. H. Hand, Z. H. Jiang, and P. L. Werner

A Novel Collapsible Flat-Layered Metamaterial Gradient-Refractive-Index Lens Antenna (Invited Paper)A. Papathanasopoulos, Y. Rahmat-Samii, N. C. Garcia, and J. D. Chisum

Low-Dispersive Leaky-Wave Antennas for mmWave Point-to-Point High-Throughput Communications (Invited Paper)O. Zetterstrom, E. Pucci, P. Padilla, L. Wang, and O. Quevedo-Teruel

Metantenna: When Metasurface Meets Antenna Again (Invited Paper)J. Wang, Y. Li, Z. H. Jiang, T. Shi, M.-C. Tang, Z. Zhou, Z. N. Chen, and C.-W. Qi

Broadband Low-Profile L-Probe Fed Metasurface Antenna With TM Leaky Wave and TE Surface Wave ResonancesW. E. I. Liu, Z. N. Chen, and X. Qing

Wideband Sidelobe-Level Reduced Ka-Band Metasurface Antenna Array Fed by Substrate-Integrated Gap Waveguide Using Characteristic Mode AnalysisT. Li and Z. N. Chen

Characterization of Metasurface Lens Antenna for Sub-6 GHz Dual-Polarization Full-Dimension Massive MIMO and Multibeam SystemsS. Li, Z. N. Chen, T. Li, F. H. Lin, and X. Yin

Compact Wideband Wide-Angle Polarization-Free Metasurface Lens Antenna Array for Multibeam Base StationsT. Li and Z. N. Chen

Controlling the Most Significant Grating Lobes in Two-Dimensional Beam-Steering Systems With Phase-Gradient Metasurfaces (Invited Paper)K. Singh, M. U. Afzal, M. Kovaleva, and K. P. Esselle

Scanning Range Expansion of Planar Phased Arrays Using MetasurfacesY.-H. Lv, X. Ding, B.-Z. Wang, and D. E. Anagnostou

Design and Analysis of a Wideband Low-Scattering Endfire Antenna Using a Moth Tail-Inspired Metamaterial Absorber and a Surface WaveguideY.-F. Cheng, X. Ding, L. Peng, J. Feng, and C. Liao

Reducing RCS of Patch Antennas via Dispersion Engineering of Metamaterial AbsorbersY. Han, S. Gong, J. Wang, Y. Li, S. Qu, and J. Zhang

Transmission–Reflection-Selective Metasurface and Its Application to RCS Reduction of High-Gain Reflector AntennaW.-L. Guo, K. Chen, G.-M. Wang, X.-Y. Luo, Y.-J. Feng, and C.-W. Qiu

Metasurface-Based Method for Broadband RCS Reduction of Dihedral Corner Reflectors With Multiple Bounces (Invited Paper)A. Y. Modi, M. A. Alyahya, C. A. Balanis, and C. R. Birtcher

Single-Layer Dual-Band Polarization-Selective Metafilm With Independently Controlled and Closely Spaced Shielding Bands (Invited Paper)E. Baladi, M. Semple, and A. K. Iyer

Polarization-Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber for Crowd Estimation Based on Electromagnetic Energy MeasurementsF. Tofigh, M. Amiri, N. Shariati, J. Lipman, and M. Abolhasan

Broadband Double-Layered Huygens’ Metasurface Lens Antenna for 5G Millimeter-Wave SystemsC. Xue, Q. Lou, and Z. N. Chen

Omega-Bianisotropic Wire-Loop Huygens’ Metasurface for Reflectionless Wide-Angle Refraction (Invited Paper)M. Chen and G. V. Eleftheriades

Frequency-Controllable Polarization Rotation of THz Waves With an SCMSA. Sayanskiy, S. A. Kuznetsov, D. S. Tanygina, J. P. del Risco, S. Glybovski, and J. D. Baena

Low-Profile 2-D THz Airy Beam Generator Using the Phase-Only Reflective MetasurfaceZ.-W. Miao, Z.-C. Hao, B.-B. Jin, and Z. N. Chen

Planar Vortex Beam Generator for Circularly Polarized Incidence Based on FSSY. Wang, K. Zhang, Y. Yuan, X. Ding, B. Ratni, S. N. Burokur, and Q. Wu

Metasurface Modeling for the Manipulation of Goos–Hänchen and Imbert–Fedorov ShiftsP. Abdipour, A. N. Askarpour, and A. Alù

Beamforming With Metagratings at Microwave Frequencies: Design Procedure and Experimental DemonstrationV. Popov, F. Boust, and S. N. Burokur

Dynamic Beam Steering With Reconfigurable Metagratings (Invited Paper)A. Casolaro, A. Toscano, A. Alù, and F. Bilotti

Arbitrary Diffraction Engineering With Multilayered Multielement Metagratings (Invited Paper)O. Rabinovich and A. Epstein

Spacetime Metamaterials—Part I: General Concepts (Invited Paper)C. Caloz and Z.-L. Deck-Léger

Spacetime Metamaterials—Part II: Theory and Applications (Invited Paper)C. Caloz and Z.-L. Deck-Léger

Serrodyne Frequency Translation Using Time-Modulated Metasurfaces (Invited Paper)Z. Wu and A. Grbic

Phase-Induced Frequency Conversion and Doppler Effect With Time-Modulated MetasurfacesD. Ramaccia, D. L. Sounas, A. Alù, A. Toscano, and F. Bilotti

Realization of Multi-Modulation Schemes for Wireless Communication by Time-Domain Digital Coding Metasurface (Invited Paper)J. Y. Dai, W. Tang, L. X. Yang, X. Li, M. Z. Chen, J. C. Ke, Q. Cheng, S. Jin, and T. J. Cui

Time-Modulated Conducting Oxide Metasurfaces for Adaptive Multiple Access Optical CommunicationM. M. Salary and H. Mosallaei

Soft Temporal Switching of Transmission Line Parameters: Wave-Field, Energy Balance, and Applications (Invited Paper)Y. Hadad and A. Shlivinski

Active Scattering-Cancellation Cloaking: Broadband Invisibility and Stability Constraints (Invited Paper)A. Chen and F. Monticone

Toward Self-Oscillating Non-Foster Unit Cell for Future Active Metasurfaces (Invited Paper)L. Vincelj, I. Krois, and S. Hrabar

Direct Conversion of Static Voltage to a Steerable RF Radiation Beam Using an Active Metasurface (Invited Paper)A. Li, Y. Li, E. Forati, S. Kim, J. Lee, J. Long, and D. F. Sievenpiper

Nonscattering Metasurface-Bound Cavities for Field Localization, Enhancement, and Suppression (Invited Paper)V. S. Asadchy, A. D. Sayanskiy, V. A. Lenets, M. S. Mirmoosa, X. Ma, S. B. Glybovski, and S. A. Tretyakov

Harnessing Spectral Singularities in Non-Hermitian Cylindrical Structures (Invited Paper)M. Moccia, G. Castaldi, A. Alù, and V. Galdi

Waveform-Selective Mantle Cloaks for Intelligent AntennasS. Vellucci, A. Monti, M. Barbuto, A. Toscano, and F. Bilotti

Nonreciprocal Manipulation of Subwavelength Fields in Locally Resonant Metamaterial Crystals (Invited Paper)F. Zangeneh-Nejad, N. Kaina, S. Yves, F. Lemoult, G. Lerosey, and R. Fleury

One-Way Leaky-Cladding Meta-Waveguides Based on Accidental Dirac Cones (Invited Paper)Y. Yu, A. B. Khanikaev, S. Trendafilov, B. Hopkins, D. R. Purtseladze, M. Allen, J. Allen, and G. Shvets

One-Way Hyperbolic Metasurfaces Based on Synthetic Motion (Invited Paper)Y. Mazor and A. Alù

Experimental Evidence of the Lorentz-Like Effective Medium Resonance in Semiconductor Hyperbolic Metamaterials Using Strong Coupling to Plasmonic Metasurfaces (Invited Paper)S. Campione, J. F. Klem, S. Liu, I. Montaño, M. B. Sinclair, and T. S. Luk

Comb-Like Modal Dispersion Diagram in a Double-Wire Medium Slab (Invited Paper)S. V. Silva, T. A. Morgado, and M. G. Silveirinha

Theory and Design of Dual-Band Microstrip Networks Using Embedded Metamaterial-Based Electromagnetic Bandgap StructuresS. Barth, B. P. Smyth, J. A. Brown, and A. K. Iyer

Parallel-Plate Waveguides Formed by Penetrable MetasurfacesX. Ma, M. S. Mirmoosa, and S. A. Tretyakov

An Equivalent ABCD-Matrix Formalism for Non-Local Wire Media With Arbitrary Terminations (Invited Paper)A. B. Yakovlev, M. G. Silveirinha, G. W. Hanson, and C. S. R. Kaipa

Surface Impedance Modeling of All-Dielectric MetasurfacesA. Monti, A. Alù, A. Toscano, and F. Bilotti

On the Use of Electromagnetic Inversion for Metasurface DesignT. Brown, C. Narendra, Y. Vahabzadeh, C. Caloz, and P. Mojabi

Computationally Efficient Surface Conductivity Graphene Model for Active Metadevices (Invited Paper)L. J. Prokopeva, D. Wang, Z. A. Kudyshev, and A. V. Kildishev

Conformal Transformation Electromagnetics Based on Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping for the Synthesis of Doubly Connected MetalensesM. Salucci, F. Boulos, A. Polo, and G. Oliveri

A Topological Design Tool for the Synthesis of Antenna Radiation PatternsM. Barbuto, M.-A. Miri, A. Alù, F. Bilotti, and A. Toscano

Review of Metasurface Antennas for Computational Microwave Imaging (Invited Paper)M. F. Imani, J. Gollub,O. Yurduseven, A. V. Diebold, M. Boyarsky, T. Fromenteze, L. Pulido-Mancera, T. Sleasman, and D. R. Smith

Differential Sensor Based on Electroinductive Wave Transmission Lines for Dielectric Constant Measurements and Defect Detection (Invited Paper)M. Gil, P. Vélez, F. Aznar-Ballesta, J. Munoz-Enano, and F. Martín

A Compact Magnetically Dispersive Surface for Low-Frequency Wireless Power Transfer ApplicationsD. Brizi, J. P. Stang, A. Monorchio, and G. Lazzi