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Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation - Part II


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation—Part II T. K. Sarkar, G. Lombardi, V. Monebhurrun, and M. Krairiksh

Horse (Electromagnetics) Is More Important Than Horseman (Information) for Wireless Transmission M. D. Migliore

Measurement of Radiated Field From Transmitting Antennas Located in Various Environments M. Krairiksh, C. Kittiyanpunya, T. Limpiti, T. Tantisopharak, P. Leekul, P. Yoiyod, B. Luadang, A. Sakonkanapong, and C. Phongcharoenpanich

Range and Height Measurement of X-Band EM Propagation in the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer Q. Wang, R. J. Burkholder, C. Yardim, L. Xu, J. Pozderac, A. Christman, H. J. S. Fernando, D. P. Alappattu, and Q. Wang

Realization of Split Beam Antenna Using Transmission-Type Coding Metasurface and Planar Lens K. K. Katare, S. Chandravanshi, A. Biswas, and M. J. Akhtar

Analysis and Experiments on Reflection and Refraction of Orbital Angular Momentum Waves Y. Yao, X. Liang, M. Zhu, W. Zhu, J. Geng, and R. Jin

Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Through an Invisible Gradient-Index Lens With Negative Refractive Index S. P. Skobelev

Modal Expansion Approach for Electromagnetic Propagation in Street Canyons A. Di Simone and A. Iodice

A New Permittivity Measurement Method for Walls in Indoor Scenes D. Shi, C. Wang, and Y. Gao

On the Influence of Diffuse Scattering on Multiple-Plateau Diffraction Analysis at mm-Wave Frequencies M.-T. Martínez-Inglés, J.-V. Rodríguez, J. Pascual-García, J.-M. Molina-Garcia-Pardo, and L. Juan-Llácer

Physics-Based Prediction of Atmospheric Transfer Characteristics at Terahertz Frequencies X. He and X. Xu

Numerical and Experimental Characterization of RF Waves Propagation in Ion Sources Magnetoplasmas G. Torrisi, D. Mascali, G. Sorbello, G. Castro, L. Celona, and S. Gammino

Lessons Learned Using a Physics-Based Macromodel for Analysis of Radio Wave Propagation in Wireless Transmission T. K. Sarkar, H. Chen, M. Salazar-Palma, and M. Zhu

Simulation and Experimental Verification for a 52 GHz Wideband Trapped Surface Wave Propagation System J. Wan, K. F. Tong, and C. H. Chan

Analysis of Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Difficult Conditions by the Parabolic Equation Method V. A. Permyakov, M. S. Mikhailov, and E. S. Malevich

Bloom Filter for Double-Counting Avoidance in Radio Frequency Ray Tracing R. Novak