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Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation T. K. Sarkar, G. Lombardi, V. Monebhurrun, and M. Krairiksh


Troposcatter Deviation Losses Study for OTH Microwave Propagation Z. Wang and M. Wang

The Double PEC Wedge Problem: Diffraction and Total Far Field V. Daniele, G. Lombardi, and R. S. Zich


A Deterministic Propagation Model for Multipath Analysis at SKA Precursor Telescopes—A Case Study on MeerKAT T. J. Phiri, D. B. Davidson, and P. G. Wiid

Physical Methods for the Separation of the Contributions to the Earth-Space Cross-Polarization Discrimination Using Single-Polarized Satellite Beacon Signals F. Jorge, C. G. Riva, and A. Rocha

Thermal Enhancement of Absorption of EM Radiation in a Hot Magnetoplasma Slab M. S. Bawa’aneh, A. M. Al-Khateeb, and Y.-C. Ghim

A Body-of-Revolution Implementation of the Parabolic Wave Equation With Application to Rocket Plume Attenuation Modeling R. K. McCargar, K. M. Siegrist, J. G. Reuster, V. Dogra, J. C. Taylor, and R. S. Awadallah

Fast Radio-Wave Propagation Modeling in Tunnels With a Hybrid Vector Parabolic Equation/Waveguide Mode Theory Method X. Zhang, N. Sood, and C. D. Sarris

Enabling Description of Tropospheric Wave Propagation With the Parabolic Equation Accumulated Split Error Correction Method P. Wei, X. Du, X. Hu, and C. Jiang

Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Base Station Antenna Height on Cellular Network Coverage V. Monebhurrun

Numerical Modeling of Ultrawideband Propagation Along a Wind Turbine Blade O. Franek, S. Zhang, K. Olesen, P. C. F. Eggers, C. Byskov, and G. F. Pedersen

On Geometric Optics Over a Spherical Earth With an Exponential Refraction Index P. D. Holm

Integrated Shield Edge Diffraction Model for Narrow Obstructing Objects T. W. C. Brown and M. Khalily

Propagation Over a Constant Impedance Plane: Arbitrary Primary Sources and Impedance, Analysis of Cut in Active Case, Exact Series, and Complete Asymptotics J. M. L. Bernard

Supercomputing-Enabled First-Principles Analysis of Radio Wave Propagation in Urban Environments B. MacKie-Mason, Y. Shao, A. Greenwood, and Z. Peng

Near-Field Focus Radiation of Multibeam Phased Array of Antennas Realized by Using Modified Rotman Lens Beamformer H.-T. Chou and Z.-C. Tsai

Wave Propagation Modeling of Tunnels in Complex Meteorological Environments With Parabolic Equation Z. He, T. Su, H.-C. Yin, and R.-S. Chen

Integrating Physics-Based Wireless Propagation Models and Network Protocol Design for Train Communication Systems N. Sood, S. Baroudi, X. Zhang, J. Liebeherr, and C. D. Sarris

Plane Wave Diffraction by Arbitrary-Angled Lossless Wedges: High-Frequency and Time-Domain Solutions M. Frongillo, G. Gennarelli, and G. Riccio

A Bidirectional Ray-Tracing Method for Antenna Coupling Evaluation Based on the Reciprocity Theorem M. M. Taygur, I. O. Sukharevsky, and T. F. Eibert

Survey of Available Experimental Data of Radio Wave Propagation for Wireless Transmission T. K. Sarkar, M. N. Abdallah, and M. Salazar-Palma

Physics-Based Modeling of Experimental Data Encountered in Cellular Wireless Communication T. K. Sarkar, H. Chen, M. Salazar-Palma, and M.-D. Zhu