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Special Issue on Radio Oceanography


Preface: Special issue on radio oceanographyC. Swift

Directional sea spectrum determination using HF Doppler radar techniquesD. Trizna; J. Moore; J. Headrick; R. Bogle

Studies of the sea using HF radio scatterC. Teague; G. Tyler; R. Stewart

The statistics of HF sea-echo Doppler spectraD. Barrick; J. Snider

Studies of backscattered sea return with a CW, dual-frequency, X-band radarW. Plant

Induced-current effects on microwave backscatterK. Graf; D. Tremain; H. Guthart

Radiophysical investigations of sea roughness (radiooceanography) at the Ukrainian Academy of SciencesF. Bass; S. Braude; I. Fuks; A. Kalmykov; A. Megn; I. Ostrovsky; A. Rosenberg

Aircraft measurements of the microwave scattering signature of the oceanW. Jones; L. Schroeder; J. Mitchell

Short pulse radar used to measure sea surface wind speed and SWHD. Hammond; R. Mennella; E. Walsh

The average impulse response of a rough surface and its applicationsG. Brown

Dual frequency correlation radar measurements of the height statistics of ocean wavesD. Weissman; J. Johnson

Models of radar imaging of the ocean surface wavesC. Elachi; W. Brown

Three-dimensional vector modeling and restoration of flat finite wave tank radiometric measurementsW. Truman; C. Balanis; J. Holmes

An improved model for the dielectric constant of sea water at microwave frequenciesL. Klein; C. Swift

Microwave radiometric determination of wind speed at the surface of the ocean during BESEXT. Wilheit; M. Fowler

Radiometric observations of sea temperature at 2.65 GHz over the Chesapeake BayH.-J. Blume; A. Love; M. Van Melle; W. Ho

High-resolution mapping of oceanic wind fields with skywave radarJ. Barnum; J. Maresca; S. Serebreny

Measurement of oceanic wind speed from HF sea scatter by skywave radarJ. Maresca; J. Barnum

Determination of space and time sea wave structure from frequency characteristics of the radio signal scattered by the seaI. Leykin; I. Ostrovsky; A. Rosenberg

An experimental study of a pulse compression scatterometer systemD. Schuler

Problems inherent in using aircraft for radio oceanography studiesE. Walsh

Effects of random phase changes on the formation of synthetic aperture radar imageryC. Elachi; D. Evans