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Special Issue on Phased Arrays


Guest editorial: Special Issue on Phased ArraysR.J. Mailloux

The IRIDIUM main mission antenna conceptJ.J. Schuss; J. Upton; B. Myers; T. Sikina; A. Rohwer; P. Makridakas; R. Francois; L. Wardle; R. Smith

Multifunction wide-band array designC. Hemmi; R.T. Dover; F. German; A. Vespa

Beamformer architectures for active phased-array radar antennasA.K. Agrawal; E.L. Holzman

Optimum design of feed structures for high G/T passive and active antenna arraysS. Demir; C. Toker

Novel low-cost beam-steering techniques using microstrip patch antenna arrays fed by dielectric image linesMing-Yi Li; Kai Chang

Voltage-controlled ferroelectric lens phased arraysJ.B.L. Rao; D.P. Patel; V. Krichevsky

Scanning and impedance properties of TEM horn arrays for transient radiationD.T. McGrath; C.E. Baum

An edge-slotted waveguide array with dual-plane monopulseR.R. Kinsey

Beam-shape correction in deployable phased arraysR. Yonezawa; Y. Konishi; I. Chiba; T. Katagi

A phase-control approach for a large-element coherent microwave power uplink systemR.M. Dickinson; D.L. Losh; R.D. Barber; J.K. Dempsey

Receiver array calibration using disparate sourcesI.S.D. Solomon; D.A. Gray; Y.I. Abramovich; S.J. Anderson

Genetic algorithms in the design and optimization of antenna array patternsF.J. Ares-Pena; J.A. Rodriguez-Gonzalez; E. Villanueva-Lopez; S.R. Rengarajan

Design of unequally spaced arrays for performance improvementB.P. Kumar; G.R. Branner

Practical failure compensation in active phased arraysM. Levitas; D.A. Horton; T.C. Cheston

Perturbation formulas for microstrip patch arrays and elementsM. Davidovitz

CAD of waveguide array antennas based on "Filter" conceptsH.J. Visser; M. Guglielmi

Anomalous edge effects in finite arraysR.C. Hansen

Analysis of finite arrays-a new approachB. Tomasic; A. Hessel

Near-field to near/far-field transformation for arbitrary near-field geometry utilizing an equivalent electric current and MoMT.K. Sarkar; A. Taaghol

Phaseless bi-polar planar near-field measurements and diagnostics of array antennasR.G. Yaccarino; Y. Rahmat-Samii

Near-field alignment of phased-array antennasW.T. Patton; L.H. Yorinks