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Special Issue on Partial Coherence


Preface [to the Special Issue]F. Zucker

Partial coherence: A nonstatistical approach, and some basic microwave experimentsJ. Poirier;F. Zucker

Coherence theory of radio-astronomical measurementsH. Ko

Classification of wave phenomena and its relation to coherence theoryK. Mano

An analysis of the second moment of fluctuating electromagnetic fields part I: TheoryA. Jacobson

An analysis of the second moment of fluctuating electromagnetic fields part II: An application to measurementA. Jacobson

Geometric analysis of partially polarized electromagnetic wavesE. Bolinder

Hologram coherence effectsG. Reynolds;J. DeVelis

Coincident arrays for the direct measurement of the principal solution in radio astronomyR. Utukuri;R. MacPhie

Statistical patterns of a general arrayJ. Howard

Propagation of a spherically symmetric mutual coherence function through a random mediumM. Beran

Guided waves in bounded media with random gross inhomogeneitiesS. Richter

Application of coherence theory to propagation of a quasi-monochromatic field in a random mediumR. Kieburtz

Propagation in random media--Cumulative effect of weak inhomogeneitiesW. Brown

Image degradation with random wavefront tilt compensationG. Heidbreder

Scattering by random distribution of spheres vs. concentrationC. Beard;T. Kays;V. Twersky

Comparison of distribution functions from scattering data on different sets of spheresS. Hawley;T. Kays;V. Twersky

Measurements of spatial coherence in 3.2-mm horizontal transmissionR. Etcheverry;G. Heidbreder;W. Johnson;H. Wintroub

Experimental comparison of scattering of coherent and incoherent lightF. Harris;G. Sherman;F. Morse

An analysis of plasma emission by correlation radiometryP. Bradford;T. Marshall;S. Schlesinger

Laser interferometry and photon scattering in plasma diagnosticsW. Johnson

Space-time correlation theory for information-carrying signalsG. Young;A. Ksienski

The transmission of digital signals through random, time-variant, dispersive channels with application to chaff scatterR. Langelier;L. Bauer;A. Bush

Spatial spectral density functionsS. Chang

On the multidimensional aspects of the coherence tensor excited by a distributed sourceJ. Lahti;A. Ishimaru

Some quantum aspects of interference experimentsY. Aharonov;A. Petersen

A technique for the determination of the radiation pattern of a partially coherent apertureA. Schell

Theory of tensor aperture synthesisH. Ko

Coherent analog of the compound intensity interferometerW. Goddard;R. MacPhie

Power pattern degradation for weighted circular apertures in a turbulent atmosphereG. Heidbreder;R. Mitchell

A maximum-signal theorem for the spatially coherent detection of scattered radiationΑ.Siegman