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Special Issue on Optical and THz Antenna Technology


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Optical and THz Antenna TechnologyW. Hanson and P. de Maagt



Standoff Detection of Weapons and Contraband in the 100 GHz to 1 THz RegionR. Appleby and H. B. Wallace

THz Instruments for SpaceP. H. Siegel

The ALMA Front End Optics—System Aspects and European Measurement ResultsH. Rudolf, M. Carter, and A. Baryshev

A 250 GHz Subharmonic Mixer Design Using EBG TechnologyI. Ederra, L. Azcona, B. E. J. Alderman, A. Laisné, R. Gonzalo, C. M. Mann, D. N. Matheson, and P. de Maagt

Design and Demonstration of an Infrared Meanderline Phase RetarderJ. S. Tharp, B. A. Lail, B. A. Munk, and G. D. Boreman

Phase Characterization of Reflectarray Elements at InfraredJ. C. Ginn, B. A. Lail, and G. D. Boreman

Substrate Integrated Image Guide Array Antenna for the Upper Millimeter-Wave SpectrumA. Patrovsky and K. Wu

Scattering Analysis for the Modeling of THz Communication SystemsR. Piesiewicz, C. Jansen, D. Mittleman, T. Kleine-Ostmann, M. Koch, and T. Kürner


A Monopole Antenna at Optical Frequencies: Single-Molecule Near-Field MeasurementsT. H. Taminiau, F. B. Segerink, and N. F. van Hulst

Core-Shell Nanowire Optical Antennas Fed by Slab WaveguidesJ. Li and N. Engheta

Enhanced Directivity From Subwavelength Infrared/Optical Nano-Antennas Loaded With Plasmonic Materials or MetamaterialsA. Alù and N. Engheta

Measurement of Lightwave Antennas: Difficulties and Peculiarities in Comparison With Radio-Wave AntennasY. Munemasa, T. Takano, M. Mita, and M. Sano

Lightwave Antenna With A Small Aperture Manufactured Using MEMS Processing TechnologyY. Munemasa, M. Mita, T. Takano, and M. Sano

Development of Chiral Negative Refractive Index Metamaterials for the Terahertz Frequency RegimeN. Wongkasem, A. Akyurtlu, K. A. Marx, Q. Dong, J. Li, and W. D. Goodhue

Modeling the Optical Interaction Between a Carbon Nanotube and a Plasmon Resonant SphereG. W. Hanson and P. Smith

Finite-Difference Time-Domain Study of Guided Modes in Nano-Plasmonic WaveguidesY. Zhao and Y. Hao


Bandwidth Enhancement of a Coupled Meander-Line-Feed High Gain Whip AntennaI.-F. Chen

Compact Elliptical Monopole Antenna With Impedance Bandwidth in Excess of 21:1S.-S. Zhong, X.-L. Liang, and W. Wang

The Dipole Radiating Integrated Module: Experimental ResultsA. P. Gorbachev and V. M. Egorov

Single Feed Low Profile Omnidirectional Antenna with Slant 45 Linear PolarizationM. Amin, R. Cahill, and V. Fusco

A Novel Broadband Printed Dipole Antenna With Low Cross-PolarizationZ. Zhou, S. Yang, and Z. Nie

A Magnetic Frill Source Model for Time-Domain Integral-Equation Based SolversN.-W. Chen

A Conducting Cylinder for Modeling Human Body Presence in Indoor Propagation ChannelM. Ghaddar, L. Talbi, T. A. Denidni, and A. Sebak

Parametric Modeling of Ultrawideband AntennasY. Duroc, A. Ghiotto, T. P. Vuong, and S. Tedjini

Proximity Effects of Metallic Environments on High Frequency RFID Reader Antenna: Study and ApplicationsX. Qing and Z. N. Chen