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Special Issue on Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse



ForewordJ. Darrah;R. Haislmaier;R. Bostak;E. Vance

On the electromagnetic pulse produced by nuclear explosionsC. Longmire

System-generated EMPD. Higgins;K. Lee;L. Marin

Sensors for electromagnetic pulse measurements both inside and away from nuclear source regionsC. Baum;E. Breen;J. Giles;J. O'Neill;G. Sower

EMP simulators for various types of nuclear EMP environments: An interim categorizationC. Baum

Pulsed power for EMP simulatorsSmith;H. Aslin

Topological concepts for internal EMP interactionF. Tesche

External interaction of the nuclear EMP with aircraft and missilesC. Taylor

Surface current and charge density induced on aircraftYeong Hwang;W. Burnside

Electromagnetic penetration through apertures in conducting surfacesC. Butler;Y. Rahmat-Samii;R. Mittra

EMP response of aircraft antennasK. Lee;T. Liu;L. Marin

EMP coupling through cable shieldsK. Casey;E. Vance

Probability distribution of CW induced currents on randomly oriented subresonant loops and wiresW. Graham;Tse Mo

Linear and nonlinear EMP diffusion through a ferromagnetic conducting slabW. Karzas;Tse Mo

EMP coupling to power linesW. Scharfman;E. Vance;K. Graf

Analysis and synthesis of an impedance-loaded loop antenna using the singularity expansion methodR. Blackburn;D. Wilton

Broad-band analysis of VLF/LF aircraft wire antennasL. Marin;J. Castillo;K. Lee

Finite length cylindrical scatterer near perfectly conducting ground--A transmission line mode approximationT. Shumpert;D. Galloway

Application of the hybrid technique to time domain problemsG. Thiele;G. Chan

Computer codes for EMP interaction and couplingR. Bevensee;J. Brittingham;F. Deadrick;

Evaluation of a processing technique for transient dataPoggio;M. VanBlaricum;E. Miller;R. Mittra

Problems and solutions associated with Prony's method for processing transient dataM. VanBlaricum;R. Mittra

On a method computing transient wave propagation in ionospheric regionsK. Gray;S. Bowhill

Basic statistical concepts for analysis of random cable coupling problemsM. Morgan;F. Tesche