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Special Issue on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)


Guest Editorial on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)J. W. Wallace, J. B. Andersen, B. K. Lau, B. Daneshrad, and J. Takada

Antenna Design, Modeling, and Analysis

Design of a MIMO Dielectric Resonator Antenna for LTE Femtocell Base StationsJ.-B. Yan and J. T. Bernhard

A Compact Eighteen-Port Antenna Cube for MIMO SystemsJ. Zheng, X. Gao, Z. Zhang, and Z. Feng

Printed MIMO-Antenna System Using Neutralization-Line Technique for Wireless USB-Dongle ApplicationsS.-W. Su, C.-T. Lee, and F.-S. Chang

Simple and Efficient Decoupling of Compact Arrays With Parasitic ScatterersB. K. Lau and J. B. Andersen

Reducing Mutual Coupling of MIMO Antennas With Parasitic Elements for Mobile TerminalsZ. Li, Z. Du, M. Takahashi, K. Saito, and K. Ito

A Compact Wideband MIMO Antenna With Two Novel Bent SlitsJ.-F. Li, Q.-X. Chu, and T.-G. Huang

Characteristic Mode Based Tradeoff Analysis of Antenna-Chassis Interactions for Multiple Antenna TerminalsH. Li, Y. Tan, B. K. Lau, Z. Ying, and S. He

Multiple Antenna Systems With Inherently Decoupled RadiatorsM. Pelosi, M. B. Knudsen, and G. F. Pedersen

A Pattern Reconfigurable U-Slot Antenna and Its Applications in MIMO SystemsP.-Y. Qin, Y. J. Guo, A. R. Weily, and C.-H. Liang

Multiple Element Antenna Efficiency and its Impact on Diversity and CapacityJ. X. Yun and R. G. Vaughan

On the Accuracy of Equivalent Circuit Models for Multi-Antenna SystemsJ. W. Wallace and R. Mehmood

Channel Sounding and Modeling

A Low-Cost MIMO Channel Sounder Architecture Without Phase SynchronizationD. Pinchera and M. D. Migliore

Impact of Incomplete and Inaccurate Data Models on High Resolution Parameter Estimation in Multidimensional Channel SoundingM. Landmann, M. Käske, and R. S. Thomä

A General Coupling-Based Model Framework for Wideband MIMO ChannelsY. Zhang, O. Edfors, P. Hammarberg, T. Hult, X. Chen, S. Zhou, L. Xiao, and J. Wang

Multi-Link MIMO Channel Modeling Using Geometry-Based ApproachJ. Poutanen, F. Tufvesson, K. Haneda, V.-M. Kolmonen, and P. Vainikainen

Land Mobile Satellite Dual Polarized MIMO Channel Along Roadside Trees: Modeling and Performance EvaluationM. Cheffena, F. P. Fontán, F. Lacoste, E. Corbel, H.-J. Mametsa, and G. Carrie

Empirical-Stochastic LMS-MIMO Channel Model Implementation and ValidationP. R. King, T. W. C. Brown, A. Kyrgiazos, and B. G. Evans

System Performance Evaluation

Effectiveness of Relay MIMO TransmissionMeasured Outdoor Channel State InformationK. Nishimori, N. Honma, T. Murakami, and T. Hiraguri

Single and Multi-User Cooperative MIMO in a Measured Urban Macrocellular EnvironmentK. Lau, M. A. Jensen, J. Medbo, and J. Furuskog

User Influence on MIMO Channel Capacity for Handsets in Data Mode OperationJ. Ø. Nielsen, B. Yanakiev, I. B. Bonev, M. Christensen, and G. F. Pedersen

Exposure Compliance Methodologies for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Enabled Networks and TerminalsN. Perentos, S. Iskra, A. Faraone, R. J. McKenzie, G. Bit-Babik, and V. Anderson

MIMO Transmission Using a Single RF Source: Theory and Antenna DesignO. N. Alrabadi, J. Perruisseau-Carrier, and A. Kalis

MIMO Capacity Enhancement Using Parasitic Reconfigurable Aperture Antennas (RECAPs)R. Mehmood and J. W. Wallace

Eigen-Coherence and Link Performance of Closed-Loop 4G Wireless in Measured Outdoor MIMO ChannelsM. Webb, M. Hunukumbure, and M. Beach

Multipath Simulator Measurements of Handset Dual Antenna Performance With Limited Number of Signal PathsP. Hallbjörner, J. D. Sánchez-Heredia, P. Lindberg, A. M. Martínez-González, and T. Bolin

On Small Terminal Antenna Correlation and Impact on MIMO Channel CapacityB. Yanakiev, J. Ø. Nielsen, M. Christensen, and G. F. Pedersen

Compensating for Non-Linear Amplifiers in MIMO Communications SystemsS. A. Banani and R. G. Vaughan