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Special Issue on Multifunction Antennas and Antenna Systems


Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Multifunction Antennas and Antenna SystemsJ. Papapolymerou and J. T. Bernhard


Enhancing UHF Antenna Functionality Through Dielectric Inclusions and TexturizationD. Psychoudakis, J. L. Volakis, Z. N. Wing, S. K. Pillai, and J. W. Halloran

Single- and Dual-Band Multimode Hard Horn Antennas With Partly Corrugated WallsO. Sotoudeh, P.-S. Kildal, P. Ingvarson, and S. P. Skobelev

Dual-Band Low-Profile Corrugated Feeder AntennaM. B. Díaz, I. Campillo, J. S. Dolado, J. E. Rodríguez-Seco, E. Perea, F. Falcone, and M. S. Ayza

Effect of Dielectric Permittivity on Infinite Arrays of Single-Polarized VivaldiS. Kasturi and D. H. Schaubert

A Multiband, Compact, and Full-Duplex Beam Scanning Antenna Transceiver System Operating From 10 to 35 GHzS. Hong, S.-G. Kim, M. R. Coutant, C. T. Rodenbeck, and K. Chang

The Eleven Antenna: A Compact Low-Profile Decade Bandwidth Dual Polarized Feed for Reflector AntennasR. Olsson, P.-S. Kildal, and S. Weinreb

The Design of Shared Aperture Antennas Consisting of Differently Sized ElementsC. I. Coman, I. E. Lager, and L. P. Ligthart

Integrated Planar Multiband Antennas for Personal Communication HandsetsM. Martínez-Vázquez, O. Litschke, M. Geissler, D. Heberling, A. M. Martínez-González, and D. Sánchez-Hernández

Optimized Design of a Multifunction/Multiband Antenna for Automotive RescueR. Azaro, F. G. B. De Natale, M. Donelli, A. Massa, and E. Zeni

A Varactor-Tuned Dual-Band Slot AntennaN. Behdad and K. Sarabandi

Dual-Band Reconfigurable Antenna With a Very Wide Tunability RangeN. Behdad and K. Sarabandi

A Tunable Electrically Small Antenna for Ground Wave TransmissionS. Lim, R. L. Rogers, and H. Ling

Design, Fabrication, and Measurements of an RF-MEMS-Based Self-Similar Reconfigurable AntennaD. E. Anagnostou, G. Zheng, M. T. Chryssomallis, J. C. Lyke, G. E. Ponchak, J. Papapolymerou, and C. G. Christodoulou

Design of a Wide-Band L-Probe Patch Antenna for Pattern Reconfiguration or Diversity ApplicationsS.-L. S. Yang and K.-M. Luk

Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna Using PIN DiodesS. Nikolaou, R. Bairavasubramanian, C. Lugo, Jr., I. Carrasquillo, D. C. Thompson, G. E. Ponchak, J. Papapolymerou, and M. M. Tentzeris

Frequency and Beam Reconfigurable Antenna Using PhotoconductingC. J. Panagamuwa, A. Chauraya, and J. C. Vardaxoglou

Reconfigurable Scan-Beam Single-Arm Spiral Antenna Integrated With RF-MEMS SwitchesC. Jung, M. Lee, G. P. Li, and F. De Flaviis

Integration of Packaged RF MEMS Switches With Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Square Spiral Microstrip AntennasG. H. Huff and J. T. Bernhard

Reconfigurable RF Impedance Tuner for Match Control in Broadband Wireless Devices&R. B. Whatley, Z. Zhou, and K. L. Melde

Six-State Reconfigurable Filter Structure for Antenna Based SystemsC. Lugo, Jr. and J. Papapolymerou

Novel Application of the Hollow Dielectric Resonator Antenna as a Packaging CoverE. H. Lim and K. W. Leung