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Special Issue on Millimeter Wave Antennas and Propagation



Comparison of simultaneous line-of-sight signals at 9.6 and 34.5 GHzH. Janes;M. Thompson;D. Smith;A. Kirkpatrick

Radio propagation at 27-40 GHzRadio propagation at 27-40 GHz

Overwater line-of-sight fade and diversity measurements at 37 GHzJ. Vignali

Attenuation of the 5-mm wavelength band in a variable atmosphereE. Reber;R. Mitchell;C. Carter

Atmospheric absorption of radio waves between 150 and 350 GHzF. Ulaby;A. Straiton

Attenuation and emission of the atmosphere at 3.3 mmF. Shimabukuro;E. Epstein

Astronomical refraction at millimeter wavelengthsJ. Davis;J. Cogdell

Remote probing of atmosphere and wind velocity by millimeter wavesLiang-Chi Shen

The design of radially symmetric lensesT.A. Rhys

The influence of heavy rainfall on attenuation at 18.5 and 30.9 GHzR. Semplak

Design, development, and initial measurements of a 1.4-mm radiometric systemW. Johnson;T. Mori;F. Shimabukuro

High resolution millimeter reflector antennasJ. Cogdell;J.J. McCue;P. Kalachev;A. Salomonovich;I. Moiseev;J. Stacey;E. Epstein;E. Altshuler;G. Feix;J. Day;H. Hvatum;W. Welch;F. Barath

Propagation of centimeter and millimeter wavelengths through precipitationS. Godard

Millimeter wave propagation measurements from the applications technology satellite (ATS-V)L. Ippolito

Effects of dielectrics on the radiation patterns of an electromagnetic hornL.Oh; S. Peng; C.Lunden

Some properties of the gain of uniform and nonuniform arraysA.Maffet;C. Tai

On the radiation from a vertical dipole with an inductive wire-grid ground systemJ. Wait;K. Spies

Pattern distortion due to edge diffractionsC. Balanis

Element spacing limitations of Dolph-Pritchard optimum endfire arraysC. Smith

Effect of finite ground plane conductivity on aperture admittanceR. Fante

An iterative technique for reducing sidelobes of circular arraysH. Coleman

Comparison of some correlation array configurations for radio astronomyY. Chow

Measurements of surface currents on a finite circular tube illuminated by electromagnetic waveCheng Kao

Scattering of electromagnetic waves from a layer with rough front and plane back (small perturbation method by Rice)K. Krishen

Short cylindrical antennas with enhanced radiation or high directivityC. Lin;D. Nyquist;K. Chen

A technique for obtaining the Doppler spectrum for sampled amplitude-phase data in a data-gathering arrayD. Cox;N. Cianos;A. Waterman