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Special Issue on Millennium Day of Diffraction


Foreword to the special issue on millennium day of diffraction seminarsV.E. Grikunov, G. Pelosi, J.L. Volakis

Diffraction by a line of curvature jump (a special case)A.S. Kirpichnikova; V.B. Philippov

Diffraction by an anisotropic dielectric half-plane: a uniform asymptotic PO solutionC. Gennarelli; G. Pelosi; G. Riccio; G. Toso

High-frequency scattering by an isorefractive wedge with the parabolic equation methodR.D. Graglia; G. Pelosi; S. Selleri

Spectral domain solution and asymptotics for the diffraction by an impedance coneJ.M.L. Bernard; M.A. Lyalinov

Analytical solution for electromagnetic diffraction on 2-D perfectly conducting scatterers of arbitrary shapeM.V. Vesnik

Wave emission from an open-ended cylindrical channel in a cold magnetoplasmaA.V. Kudrin; M.Yu. Lyakh; T.M. Zaboronkova

High-frequency scattering by objects buried in lossy mediaF. Bertoncini; R.G. Kouyoumjian; G. Manara; P. Nepa

Hybrid PO-MoM analysis of large axi-symmetric radomesM.A.A. Moneum; Z. Shen; J.L. Volakis; O. Graham

High-frequency Green's function for a semi-infinite array of electric dipoles on a grounded slab .I. formulationA. Polemi; A. Toccafondi; S. Maci

An improved heuristic UTD solution for multiple-edge transition zone diffractionC. Tzaras; S.R. Saunders

Atmospheric transmission at microwaves (ATM): an improved model for millimeter/submillimeter applicationsJ.R. Pardo; J. Cernicharo ;E. Serabyn

Atmospheric transmission at microwaves (ATM): an improved model for millimeter/submillimeter applicationsJ.R. Pardo; J. Cernicharo; E. Serabyn

Characteristics of vector propagation channels in dynamic mobile scenariosA. Kavak; Weidong Yang; Guanghan Xu; W.J. Vogel

Attenuation and backscatter from a derived two-dimensional duststorm modelJ. Goldhirsh

Considerations on performance evaluation of cavity-backed slot antenna using the FDTD techniqueT. Hikage; M. Omiya; K. Itoh

Rectangular cavity-backed 4-slot arrayD.D. de Schweinitz; C.S. Lee

Theory and analysis of leaky coaxial cables with periodic slotsJun Hong Wang; K.K. Mei

Admittance of transverse waveguide slots in cylindrical structuresJ. Wettergren

Analysis of the zonal and rectangular slots on a conducting spherical cavityKwok Wa Leung

The cylindrical omnidirectional patch antennaN. Herscovici, Z. Sipus, and P.-S. Kildal

A reciprocity approach for calculating the far-field radiation patterns of a center-fed helical microstrip antenna mounted on a dielectric-coated circular cylinderR.A. Martin and D.H. Werner

Shaping of flat-topped element patterns in an array of slow-wave strip structures excited by parallel-plate waveguidesS.P. Skobelev

Millimeter-wave proximity-coupled microstrip antenna on an extended hemispherical dielectric lensL. Mall and R.B. Waterhouse

Rigorous and efficient full-wave analysis of trapezoidal patch antennasF. Bilotti and C. Vegni

Folded conical helix antennaJ.A. Dobbins and R.L. Rogers

Scattering from surface waves on finite FSSB.A. Munk, D.S. Janning, J.B. Pryor, and R.J. Marhefka

A novel hybridization of higher order finite element and boundary integral methods for electromagnetic scattering and radiation problemsJian Liu and Jian-Ming Jin

Scattering by a groove in a conducting plane-a PO-MoM hybrid formulation and wavelet analysisY. Shifman and Y. Leviatan

A crack identification microwave procedure based on a genetic algorithm for nondestructive testingS. Caorsi, A. Massa, and M. Pastorino

Direction-finding methods for cyclostationary signals in the presence of coherent sourcesYung-Ting Lee and Ju-Hong Lee

Performance analysis of a GLRT automated target discrimination schemeJ.E. Mooney, Zhi Ding, and L.S. Riggs

Range sidelobe suppression technique for coherent ultra wide-band random noise radar imagingXiaojian Xu and R.M. Narayanan

Plane wave, pattern subtraction, range compensationD.A. Leatherwood and E.B. Joy

Plane-wave scattering-matrix formulation for two interfaces plus a scatterer (uniplanar case)R.H. Ott

A feeding circuit with CPW for CA-RLSARonghong Jin, Hongwen Zhu, and M. Ando

On the depolarization of bodies invariant under a rotationJ.C. Monzon and O.B. Kesler

Performance analysis of MVDR algorithm in the presence of amplitude and phase errorsWeimin Su, Hong Gu, Jinlin Ni, and Guosui Liu

Radiation characteristics of thin-wire V-antennas excited by arbitrary time-dependent currentsR.G. Martin, A.R. Bretones, and M.F. Pantoja

Synthesis of large low-redundancy linear arraysA. Camps, A. Cardama, and D. Infantes