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Special Issue on Microstrip Antennas


Editorial on Special Issue Microstrip AntennasD. Chang

Microstrip antenna technologyK. Carver;J. Mink

Microstrip array technologyR. Mailloux;J. McIlvenna;N. Kernweis

An improved theory for microstrip antennas and applicationsW. Richards;Yuen Lo;D. Harrison

Analysis of microstrip antennas using moment methodsE. Newman;P. Tulyathan

Analytical theory of an unloaded rectangular microstrip patchD. Chang

A full-wave analysis method for open microstrip structuresT. Itoh;W. Menzel

Analysis of a circular microstrip disk antenna with a thick dielectric substrateWeng Chew;Jin Kong

A theoretical study of the input impedance of a circular microstrip disk antennaS. Yano;A. Ishimaru

Hankel transform domain analysis of open circular microstrip radiating structuresK. Araki;T. Itoh

The elliptical microstrip antenna with circular polarizationLiang Shen

An experimental study of the circular-polarized elliptical printed-circuit antennaS. Long;Liang Shen;D. Schaubert;F. Farrar

Current distribution and input impedance of printed dipolesI. Rana;N. Alexopoulos

Mutual impedance computation between printed dipolesN. Alexopoulos;I. Rana

Characteristics of a slotted parallel-plate waveguide filled with a truncated dielectricT. Keshavamurthy;C. Butler

Microstrip antennas with frequency agility and polarization diversityD. Schaubert;F. Farrar;A. Sindoris;S. Hayes

Some recent developments in microstrip antenna designJ. James;P. Hall;C. Wood;A. Henderson

The design of a microstrip antenna array for a UHF space telemetry linkR. Post;D. Stephenson

Design of collinear longitudinal slot arrays fed by boxed striplinePyong Park;R. Elliott

Broadband microstrip antenna element and arrayA. Derneryd;I. Karlsson

Sensitivity of microstrip antennas to admittance boundary variationsJ. Mink

A note on the complex Poynting vector and on the fractional current on the upper surface of a microstrip lineL. Lewin;T. Ruehle

Measured mutual coupling between microstrip antennasR. Jedlicka;M. Poe;K. Carver

A simple experimental method for separating loss parameters of a microstrip antennaW. Richards;Y. Lo;J. Brewer

Electromagnetically coupled microstrip dipolesH. Oltman;D. Huebner

The wire grid microstrip antennaR. Conti;J. Toth;T. Dowling;J. Weiss

A 7.5-GHz microstrip phased array for aircraft-to-satellite communicationF. Cipolla

Microstrip antennas for millimeter wavesM. Weiss

Microstrip series arraysT. Metzler

An extremely lightweight fuselage-integrated phased array for airborne applicationsJ. Yee;W. Furlong