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Special Issue on Metamaterials


Metamaterial Special Issue introductionR.W. Ziolkowski; N. Engheta

Generalized constitutive relations for metamaterials based on the quasi-static Lorentz theoryA. Ishimaru; Seung-Woo Lee; Y. Kuga; V. Jandhyala

Pairing an epsilon-negative slab with a mu-negative slab: resonance, tunneling and transparencyA. Alu; N. Engheta

Comparative analysis of edge- and broadside- coupled split ring resonators for metamaterial design - theory and experimentsR. Marques; F. Mesa; J. Martel; F. Medina

Backward wave region and negative material parameters of a structure formed by lattices of wires and split-ring resonatorsC.R. Simovski; P.A. Belov; Sailing He

Transmission and reflection properties of composite double negative metamaterials in free spaceE. Ozbay; K. Aydin; E. Cubukcu; M. Bayindir

A double negative (DNG) composite medium composed of magnetodielectric spherical particles embedded in a matrixC.L. Holloway; E.F. Kuester; J. Baker-Jarvis; P. Kabos

Periodic analysis of a 2-D negative refractive index transmission line structureA. Grbic; G.V. Eleftheriades

Power flow for resonance cone phenomena in planar anisotropic metamaterialsK.G. Balmain; A.A.E. Luttgen; P.C. Kremer

Periodically loaded transmission line with effective negative refractive index and negative group velocityO.F. Siddiqui; M. Mojahedi; G.V. Eleftheriades

Application of double negative materials to increase the power radiated by electrically small antennasR.W. Ziolkowski; A.D. Kipple

Averaged transition conditions for electromagnetic fields at a metafilmE.F. Kuester; M.A. Mohamed; M. Piket-May; C.L. Holloway

An analytical model of metamaterials based on loaded wire dipolesS.A. Tretyakov; S. Maslovski; P.A. Belov

The richness of the dispersion relation of electromagnetic bandgap materialsS. Enoch; G. Tayeb; B. Gralak

Electromagnetic bandgap antennas and components for microwave and (Sub)millimeter wave applicationsP. de Maagt; R. Gonzalo; Y.C. Vardaxoglou; J.-M. Baracco

Design methodology for Sievenpiper high-impedance surfaces: an artificial magnetic conductor for positive gain electrically small antennasS. Clavijo; R.E. Diaz; W.E. McKinzie

Reflection phase characterizations of the EBG ground plane for low profile wire antenna applicationsFan Yang; Y. Rahmat-Samii

Planar artificial magnetic conductors and patch antennasYing Zhang; J. von Hagen; M. Younis; C. Fischer; W. Wiesbeck

Two-dimensional beam steering using an electrically tunable impedance surfaceD.F. Sievenpiper; J.H. Schaffner; H.J. Song; R.Y. Loo; G. Tangonan

Analysis of conical quasi-TEM horn with a hard corrugated sectionS.P. Skobelev; P.-S. Kildal

Topology design optimization of dielectric substrates for bandwidth improvement of a patch antennaG. Kiziltas; D. Psychoudakis; J.L. Volakis; N. Kikuchi

Wide bandgap composite EBG substratesW.J. Chappell; Xun Gong