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Special Issue on Machine Learning in Antenna Design, Modeling, and Measurements

JULY 2022 | VOLUME 70 | NUMBER 7

Special Issue on Smart Electromagnetic Environment Image

This Special Issue highlights several promising avenues of ongoing research to integrate ML and data-driven AI techniques in the field of antennas and propagation. It aims to provide a broader perspective, outlining recent successes, opportunities, and open challenges for ML focusing on applications to antennas, radar, scattering, and propagation problems. The 25 featured articles cover a wide range of AI-empowered methods for antenna design, antenna arrays, metasurfaces, CEM, and other related applications.

Guest Editorial: Machine Learning in Antenna Design, Modeling, and MeasurementsF. Andriulli, P.-Y. Chen, D. Erricolo, and J.-M. Jin

Efficient Online Data-Driven Enhanced-XGBoost Method for Antenna OptimizationW. T. Li, H. S. Tang, C. Cui, Y. Q. Hei, and X. W. Shi

An Intelligent Antenna Synthesis Method Based on Machine LearningD. Shi, C. Lian, K. Cui, Y. Chen, and X. Liu

An Efficient Surrogate Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization for Antenna SynthesisK. Fu, X. Cai, B. Yuan, Y. Yang, and X. Yao

Multibranch Machine Learning-Assisted Optimization and Its Application to Antenna DesignW. Chen, Q. Wu, C. Yu, H. Wang, and W. Hong

Machine Learning Methods-Based Modeling and Optimization of 3-D-Printed Dielectrics Around Monopole AntennaY. Sharma, X. Chen, J. Wu, Q. Zhou, H. H. Zhang, and H. Xin

An Efficient Knowledge-Based Artificial Neural Network for the Design of Circularly Polarized 3-D-Printed Lens AntennaY.-F. Liu, L. Peng, and W. Shao

Consensus Deep Neural Networks for Antenna Design and OptimizationZ. Ž. Stankovi´c, D. I. Ol´can, N. S. Donˇcov, and B. M. Kolundžija

Prior-Knowledge-Guided Deep-Learning-Enabled Synthesis for Broadband and Large Phase Shift Range Metacells in Metalens AntenaP. Liu, L. Chen, and Z. N. Chen

Design for Array-Fed Beam-Scanning Reflector Antennas With Maximum Radiated Power Efficiency Based on Near-Field Pattern Synthesis by Support Vector MachineL. W. Mou, Y. J. Cheng, Y. F. Wu, M. H. Zhao, and H. N. Yang

Robust and Efficient Fault Diagnosis of mm-Wave Active Phased Arrays Using Baseband SignalM. H. Nielsen, Y. Zhang, C. Xue, J. Ren, Y. Yin, M. Shen, and G. F. Pedersen

Machine Learning-Assisted Array Synthesis Using Active Base Element ModelingQ. Wu, W. Chen, C. Yu, H. Wang, and W. Hong

Ultra-Wide-Scanning Conformal Heterogeneous Phased Array Antenna Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient AlgorithmB. Zhang, C. Jin, K. Cao, Q. Lv, P. Zhang, Y. Li, and M. Li

Towards Efficient Reflectarray Digital Twins - An EM-Driven Machine Learning PerspectiveG. Oliveri, M. Salucci, and A. Massa

Cognitive Conformal Antenna Array Exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning MethodB. Zhang, C. Jin, K. Cao, Q. Lv, and R. Mittra

A Combined Machine-Learning/Optimization-Based Approach for Inverse Design of Nonuniform Bianisotropic MetasurfacesP. Naseri, S. Pearson, Z. Wang, and S. V. Hum

Equivalent Circuit Theory-Assisted Deep Learning for Accelerated Generative Design of MetasurfacesZ. Wei, Z. Zhou, P. Wang, J. Ren, Y. Yin, G. F. Pedersen, and M. Shen

Fourier Subspace-Based Deep Learning Method for Inverse Design of Frequency Selective SurfaceE. Zhu, Z. Wei, X. Xu, and W.-Y. Yin

Electric Flux Density Learning Method for Solving 3-D Electromagnetic Scattering ProblemsT. Yin, C.-F. Wang, K. Xu, Y. Zhou, Y. Zhong, and X. Chen

Rapid Subentire-Domain Basis Functions Method Based on Adaptive Artificial Neural NetworksW. Xiang, Z. Zhang, W. Zheng, J. Li, W. Yang, and W. Lu

Fast Multi-Physics Simulation of Microwave Filters via Deep Hybrid Neural NetworkY. Zhou, J. Xie, Q. Ren, H. H. Zhang, and Q. H. Liu

Data-Free Solution of Electromagnetic PDEs Using Neural Networks and Extension to Transfer LearningS. Bhardwaj and P. Gaire

A Compact Machine Learning Architecture for Wideband Amplitude-Only Direction FindingG. R. Friedrichs, M. A. Elmansouri, and D. S. Filipovic

Machine Learning-Based Matching Medium Design for Implant CommunicationsE. Cil, C. Cadir, O. A. Kati, H. B. Yilmaz, and S. Dumanli

Mode Recognition of Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using Artificial Neural NetworkY. Xiao, K. W. Leung, K. Lu, and C.-S. Leung

Cone-Shaped Space Target Inertia Characteristics Identification by Deep Learning With Compressed DatasetS. Wang, M. Li, T. Yang, X. Ai, J. Liu, F. P. Andriulli, and D. Ding