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Special Issue on Low-grazing-angle Backscatter from Rough Surfaces


Guest Editorial: Special Issue On Low-grazing-angle Backscatter From Rough SurfacesG.S. Brown

95-GHz scattering by terrain at near-grazing incidenceF.T. Ulaby; A. Nashashibi; A. El-Rouby; E.S. Li; R.D. De Roo; K. Sarabandi; R.J. Wellman; H.B. Wallace

Scattering from breaking gravity waves without windP.H.Y. Lee; J.D. Barter; K.L. Beach; B.M. Lake; H. Rungaldier; H.R. Thompson; R. Yee

Measurement and classification of low-grazing-angle radar sea spikesY. Liu; S.J. Frasier; R.E. McIntosh

Directional characteristics of sea-wave scattering observed at low-grazing anglesB.O. Werle

Multipath scattering in ultrawide-band radar sea spikesM.A. Sletten

Green's function refinement as an approach to radar backscatter: general theory and applications to LGA scattering from the oceanW.T. Shaw; A.J. Dougan

On the universal behavior of scattering from a rough surface for small grazing anglesV.I. Tatarskii; M.I. Charnotskii

Grazing behavior of scatter and propagation above any rough surfaceD.E. Barrick

Two-scale model and ocean radar Doppler spectra at moderate- and low-grazing anglesV.U. Zavorotny; A.G. Voronovich

Low-grazing scattering from breaking water waves using an impedance boundary MM/GTD approachJ.C. West; J.M. Sturm; S.-J. Ja

Forward-backward method for scattering from imperfect conductorsD. Holliday; L.L. DeRaad; G.J. St-Cyr

Sea-spike backscatter from a steepening waveD. Holliday; L.L. DeRaad; G.J. St-Cyr

A numerical study of low-grazing-angle backscatter from ocean-like impedance surfaces with the canonical grid methodJ.T. Johnson

Application of iterative moment-method solutions to ocean surface radar scatteringD.J. Donohue; H.-C. Ku; D.R. Thompson

Numerical simulation of low-grazing-angle ocean microwave backscatter and its relation to sea spikesC.L. Rino; H.D. Ngo

Monte Carlo simulations of large-scale one-dimensional random rough-surface scattering at near-grazing incidence: Penetrable caseChi Hou Chan; L. Tsang; Q. Li

On the discretization of the integral equation describing scattering by rough conducting surfacesJ.V. Toporkov; R.T. Marchand; G.S. Brown