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Special Issue on Low-Cost Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning Antennas


Guest Editorial: Low-Cost Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning AntennaS. Gao, Y. J. Guo, S. Safavi-Naeini, W. Hong, and X.-X. Yang

A Low Profile Circularly Polarized Beam Scanning Patch Array Fed by Parallel Plate WaveguideT. Lou, X.-X. Yang, Q.-D. Cao, and S. Gao

A Dual Circularly Polarized SIW-Fed Phased Array Antenna With Wide-Angle Beam Scanning RangeC. Y. Wei, H. C. Zhang, P. H. He, L. P. Zhang, X. T. Yan, J.Lu, and T. J. Cui

A Dual-Polarized Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna Based on Dual-Channel Programmable MetasurfaceN. Zhang, K. Chen, J. Zhao, Q. Hu, K. Tang, J. Zhao, T.Jiang, and Y. Feng

Solving Sub-Wavelength Lattice Reduction in Full-Metal Front-Ends for Dual-Polarized Active AntennasL. Polo-López, E. Menargues, S. Capdevila, G. Toso, and M. García-Vigueras

Dual-Polarized Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Array Antenna for 5G Communication SystemsYang and S. Zhang

A Wideband Low-Cost Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna With 1-Bit ResolutionB. J. Xiang, X. Dai, and K.-M. Luk

Ultrawideband, Low-Profile, and Low-RCS Conformal Phased Array With Capacitance-Integrated Balun and Multifunctional Meta-SurfaceJ. X. Sun, Y. J. Cheng, Y. F. Wu, and Y. Fan

Dual-Band Fixed-Frequency Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna for Large-Frequency-Ratio Microwave and Millimeter-Wave ApplicationsS. Wang, Z. Li, M. Chen, and J. Wang

Dual-Band Shared-Aperture Two-Dimensional Phased Array Antenna With Wide Bandwidth of 25.0% and 11.4% at Ku- and Ka-BandY. R. Ding, Y. J. Cheng, J. X. Sun, L. Wang, and T. J. Li

Shared-Aperture Phased Array Antenna With Codesigned Near-Field Coupled Circular Polarizer Loaded for K/Ka-Band Wide-Angle Satellite CommunicationX. Chang, H. B. Wang, T. J. Li, S. C. Jin, D. G. Liu, and Y. J. Cheng

Beam Scanning Transmitarray Employing Reconfigurable Dual-Layer Huygens ElementX. Wang, P.-Y. Qin, A. T. Le, H. Zhang, R. Jin, and Y. J. Guo

Compound GRIN Fanbeam Lens Antenna With Wideband Wide-Angle Beam-ScanningN. C. Garcia and J. D. Chisum

Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna Based on Hyperuniform Disordered DistributionH. Zhang, W. Wu, Q. Cheng, Q. Chen, Y.-H. Yu, and D.-G. Fang

Wide-Scan and Energy-Saving Phased Arrays by Exploiting Penrose Tiling SubarraysF. A. Dicandia and S. Genovesi

A Square-Rate Arrangement Method for Large-Spacing Planar Phased Array Grating Lobes HomogenizationY. Zeng, X. Ding, Y. Wang, W. Shao, and B.-Z. Wang

Design and Analysis of a Proof-of-Concept Checkered-Network Compressive ArrayH. E. A. Laue and W. P. du Plessis

A General Approach for Synthesizing Multibeam Antenna Arrays Employing Generalized Joined Coupler MatrixA. Guo and Y. J. Guo

W-Band Binary Phase-Controlled Multibeam Antenna Array Based on Gap Waveguide Magic-TeeX. Cheng, Q. Zhang, Y. Yao, C. Wang, T. Yu, J. Yu, and X. Chen

Low-Profile Dual-Polarized Multi-Beam Antenna Based on Pillbox Reflector and 3D-Printed Ridged Waveguide. Cao, G. A. E. Vandenbosch, and S. Yan

Wideband Beam-Forming Networks Utilizing Planar Hybrid Couplers and Phase ShiftersH. Zhu, M. Ansari, and Y. J. Guo

Circularly Polarized Millimeter Wave Frequency Beam Scanning Antenna Based on Aperture-Coupled Magneto-Electric DipoleX. Yang, H. Qiu, T. Lou, Z. Yi, Q.-D. Cao, and S. Gao

Circularly Polarized High Gain Leaky-Wave Antenna for CubeSat CommunicationX. Li, J. Wang, G. Goussetis, and L. Wang

A Null Frequency Scanning Leaky-Wave AntennaM. Huang and J. Liu

A Cross-Polarization Suppressed Probe-Fed Patch Antenna and Its Applications to Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning ArraysH. Chen and K.-L. Wu

Hybrid Metasurface, Dielectric Resonator, Low-Cost, Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning Antenna for 5G Base Station ApplicationZ. Wang, Y. Dong, Z. Peng, and W. Hong

A Shaped-Beam Antenna for Wide-Angle Scanning Phased ArrayZ.-L. Su, K. W. Leung, and K. Lu

Varactor-Based Phase Shifters Operating in Differential Pairs for Beam-Steerable AntennasY. Yuan, S. J. Chen, and C. Fumeaux

3D Printed “Kirigami”-Inspired Deployable Bi-Focal Beam-Scanning Dielectric Reflectarray Antenna for mm-Wave ApplicationsY. Cui, R. Bahr, S. A. Nauroze, T. Cheng, T. S. Almoneef, and M. M. Tentzeris

A Low-Profile Microstrip Vertically Polarized Endfire Antenna With 360◦ Beam-Scanning and High Beam-Shaping CapabilityY. Zhang, S. Tang, Z. Han, J. Rao, S. Shen, M. Li, C.-Y. Chiu, and R. Murch

A Simple Wide-Angular Scanning Phased Array With Wideband Filtering ResponseY.-F. Cheng, Y.-X. Wang, J. Feng, J.-L. Zhong, C. Liao, and X. Ding