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Special Issue on Large and Multiscale Computational Electromagnetics


Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Large and Multiscale Computational ElectromagneticsJ.-M. Jin and E. Michielssen


Time-Domain Finite-Difference and Finite-Element Methods for Maxwell Equations in Complex MediaF. L. Teixeira

The Lobatto Cell: Robust, Explicit, Higher Order FDTD That Handles Inhomogeneous MediaR. A. Chilton and R. Lee

Performance Improvements for Efficient Electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell Computation on 1000s of CPUsM. T. Bettencourt and A. D. Greenwood

Trillion Cell CAD-Based Cartesian Mesh Generator for the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method on a Single-Processor 4-GB WorkstationJ. T. MacGillivray

Analysis of Acousto-Electromagnetic Wave Interaction Using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain MethodA. Buerkle and K. Sarabandi

A Fast Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Three-Dimensional Large-Scale Electromagnetic ProblemsZ.-Q. Lü, X. An, and W. Hong

A Domain Decomposition Method for Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Analysis of Multi-Target ProblemsK. Zhao, V. Rawat, and J.-F. Lee

Finite Element Analysis of Complex Antennas and ArraysJ.-M. Jin, Z. Lou, Y. Li, N. W. Riley, and D. J. Riley

Investigation of Radar Propagation in Buildings: A 10-Billion Element Cartesian-Mesh FETD SimulationM. L. Stowell, B. J. Fasenfest, and D. A. White

Higher Order Frequency-Domain Computational ElectromagneticsB. M. Notaroˇs

High Order Representations for Singular Currents at CornersM. M. Bibby, A. F. Peterson, and C. M. Coldwell

Hierarchical Bases for Nonhierarchic 3-D Triangular MeshesF. P. Andriulli, F. Vipiana, and G. Vecchi

Adaptive Integral Method for Higher Order Method of MomentsO. S. Kim and P. Meincke

Direct Solve of Electrically Large Integral Equations for Problem Sizes to 1 M UnknownsJ. Shaeffer

Fast Iterative Solution of Integral Equations With Method of Moments and Matrix Decomposition Algorithm – Singular Value DecompositionJ. M. Rius, J. Parrón, A. Heldring, J. M. Tamayo, E. Ubeda

On the Use of the Singular Value Decomposition in the Fast Multipole MethodJ. L. Rodriguez J. M. Taboada, M. G. Araújo, F. Obelleiro Basteiro, L. Landesa, and I. García-Tuñón

Efficient Parallelization of the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for the Solution of Large-Scale Scattering ProblemsÖ. Ergül and L. Gürel

An Asynchronous Parallel MLFMA for Scattering at Multiple Dielectric ObjectsJ. Fostier and F. Olyslager

Efficient Evaluation of the Rokhlin Translator in Multilevel Fast Multipole AlgorithmI. Hänninen and J. Sarvas

An Iterative Solution for Electrically Large Problems Combining the Characteristic Basis Function Method and the Multilevel Fast Multipole AlgorithmE. García, C. Delgado, I. G. Diego, and M. F. Cátedra

Method of Moments Simulation of Infinitely Periodic Structures Combining Metal With Connected Dielectric ObjectsX. Dardenne and C. Craeye

Surface Integral Equation Solutions for Modeling 3-D Uniaxial Media Using Closed-Form Dyadic Green’s FunctionsG. Mumcu, K. Sertel, and J. L. Volakis

Multiscale Simulation of Complex Structures Using Equivalence Principle Algorithm With High-Order Field Point Sampling SchemeM.-K. Li and W. C. Chew

A Multiplicative Calderon Preconditioner for the Electric Field Integral EquationF. P. Andriulli, K. Cools, H. Ba˘gci, F. Olyslager, A. Buffa, S. Christiansen, and E. Michielssen

On Preconditioning and the Eigensystems of Electromagnetic Radiation ProblemsA. J. Hesford and W. C. Chew

A Physically-Based Preconditioner for Quasi-Planar Scattering ProblemsP. Naenna and J. T. Johnson

Modular Fast Direct Electromagnetic Analysis Using Local-Global Solution ModesR. J. Adams, Y. Xu, X. Xu, J. Choi, S. D. Gedney, and F. X. Canning

A Finite Difference Delay Modeling Approach to the Discretization of the Time Domain Integral Equations of ElectromagneticsX. Wang, R. A. Wildman, D. S. Weile, and P. Monk