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Special Issue on Innovative Phased Array Antennas Based on Non-Regular Lattices and Overlapped Subarrays


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Innovative Phased Array Antennas Based on Non-Regular Lattices and Overlapped SubarraysG. Toso and R. Mailloux

Array Antennas Based on Non-Regular Lattices

Unequally Spaced Arrays Based on the Poisson Sum FormulaA. Ishimaru

Synthesis of Thinned Planar Circular and Square Arrays Using Density Tapering, W. P. M. N. Keizer

Synthesis of Large Thinned Planar Arrays Using a Modified Iterative Fourier Technique, X.-K. Wang, Y.-C. Jiao, and Y.-Y. Tan

Calculation of Far-Field Radiation Pattern Using Nonuniformly Spaced Antennas by a Least Square MethodJ. Koh, W. Lee, T. K. Sarkar, and M. Salazar-Palma

Efficient Analysis of Large Aperiodic Antenna Arrays Using the Domain Green’s FunctionD. J. Ludick, R. Maaskant, D. B. Davidson, U. Jakobus, R. Mittra, and D. de Villiers

Synthesis of Taylor-Like Patterns With Uniformly Excited Multi-Ring Planar AntennasA. A. Salas-Sánchez, J. A. Rodríguez-González, E. Moreno-Piquero, and F. J. Ares-Pena

A Global-Local Synthesis Approach for Large Non-Regular ArraysT. Clavier, N. Razavi-Ghods, F. Glineur, D. González-Ovejero, E. de Lera Acedo, C. Craeye, and P. Alexander

Isophoric Sparse Arrays Ensuring Global Coverage in Satellite CommunicationsO. M. Bucci, T. Isernia, S. Perna, and D. Pinchera

Array Antennas With Jointly Optimized Elements Positions and Dimensions Part I: Linear ArraysP. Angeletti and G. Toso

Array Antennas With Jointly Optimized Elements Positions and Dimensions Part II: Planar Circular ArraysP. Angeletti, G. Toso, and G. Ruggerini

An Efficient and Versatile Technique for the Synthesis of 3D Copolar and Crosspolar Patterns of Phase-Only Reconfigurable Conformal Arrays With DRR and Near-Field ControlG. Buttazzoni and R. Vescovo

Sparse 2-D Array Placement for Arbitrary Pattern Mask and With Excitation Constraints: A Simple Deterministic ApproachJ. L. A. Quijano, M. Righero, and G. Vecchi

Design of Ultra-Wideband, Aperiodic Antenna Arrays With the CMA Evolutionary StrategyP. J. Gorman, M. D. Gregory, and D. H. Werner

Geometry Design Optimization of Large-Scale Broadband Antenna Array SystemsA. El-makadema, L. Rashid, and A. K. Brown

Sparsening Conformal Arrays Through a Versatile BCS-Based MethodG. Oliveri, E. T. Bekele, F. Robol, and A. Massa

The Generalized Direct Optimization Technique for Printed ReflectarraysM. Zhou, S. B. Sørensen, O. S. Kim, E. Jørgensen, P. Meincke, O. Breinbjerg, and G. Toso

Multi-Coset Sparse Imaging Arrays, J. D. Krieger, Y. Kochman, and G. W. Wornell

Sparse Array Optimization Using Simulated Annealing and Compressed Sensing for Near-Field Millimeter Wave ImagingB. Gonzalez-Valdes, G. Allan, Y. Rodriguez-Vaqueiro, Y. Álvarez, S. Mantzavinos, M. Nickerson, B. Berkowitz, J. A. Mart´ınez-Lorenzo, F. Las-Heras, and C. M. Rappaport

Sparse Array Antenna for Ku-Band Mobile Terminals Using 1 Bit Phase ControlsM. C. Viganó, D. Llorens del Río, F. Bongard, and S. Vaccaro

Novel Parasitic Micro Strip Arrays for Low-Cost Active Phased Array ApplicationsS.-W. Qu, D.-J. He, S. Yang, and Z. Nie

Cluster Analysis for the Synthesis of Subarrayed Monopulse AntennasZ.-Y. Xiong, Z.-H. Xu, L. Zhang, and S.-P. Xiao 1738

Array Antennas Organized in Overlapped Subarrays

Multiple Beams From Planar ArraysP. Angeletti

On the Forming of Orthogonal Beams by Planar Array AntennasS. P. Skobelev

A Lossless Beam-Forming Network for Linear Arrays Based on Overlapped Sub-ArraysD. Petrolati, P. Angeletti, and G. Toso

A Fast-Performing Error Simulation of Wideband Radiation Patterns for Large Planar Phased Arrays With Overlapped Subarray ArchitectureG. F. Ricciardi, J. R. Connelly, H. A. Krichene, and M. T. Ho

On the Use of Leaky Wave Phased Arrays for the Reduction of the Grating Lobe LevelD. Blanco, N. Llombart, and E. Rajo-Iglesias