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Special Issue on Electromagnetic Waves in the Earth


Preface: Special issue on electromagnetic waves in the earthJ. Wait

Radiation and reception with buried and submerged antennasR. Hansen

Effects of a surrounding conducting medium on antenna analysisR. Moore

Low-frequency subsurface antennasG. Hasserjian;A. Guy

Impedance properties of large subsurface antenna arraysA.Guy;G. Hasserjian

A study of arrays of dipoles in a semi-infinite dissipative mediumK. Sivaprasad;R. King

Mutual couplings among subsurface antenna array elementsR. Ghose

Input resistances of horizontal electric and vertical magnetic dipoles over a homogeneous groundR. Ghose

Input resistances of horizontal electric and vertical magnetic dipoles over a homogeneous groundB. Bhattacharyya

The small bare loop antenna immersed in a dissipative mediumC.-L. Chen;R. King

Experimental verification of dipole radiation in a conducting half-spaceW. Blair

The complete electromagnetic field of a half-wave dipole in a dissipative mediumR. King;K. Iizuka

Transient response in an imperfect dielectricC. Burrows

Sumberged antenna characteristicsR. Fenwick;W. Weeks

Radiation fields of an inclined electric dipole immersed in a semi-infinite conducting mediumA.Biggs;H. Swarm

Radio communication within the earth's crustC. Burrows

Modes in lossy stratified media with application to underground propagation of radio wavesM. Viggh

Very-low-frequency propagation below the bottom of the seaH. Mott;A. Biggs

Correction to "Curves for ground wave propagation over mixed land and sea paths,"J.Wait;L. Walters

The possibility of guided electromagnetic waves in the earth's crustJ. Wait

Radio waves in rock near overburden-rock interfaceJ. Carolan;J. deBettencourt

Natural noise fields from 1 cps to 100 kcE. Maxwell;D. Stone

Electrical properties in the deep crustG. Keller

Rock electrical characteristics deduced from depth attenuation rates (in drill holes)J. deBettencourt;J. Frazier

Conductivity measurements of the earth at ELFR. Williams;C. Benning

A method for the measurement of the parameters of a two-layer stratified earthS. Maley

Geological and geophysical considerations in radio propagation through the earth's crustL. Ames;J. Frazier;A. Orange

Charge density response in a lossy mediumR. Williams

Comments on "Radiation fields from a horizontal electric dipole in a semi-infinite conducting medium"R. Macmillan;W. Rusch;A. Biggs;J. Belenski

Aperture illumination and gain of a Cassegranian systemP. Potter

An unusually simple method for sidelobe reductionD. Cheng;B. Strait

Shadowing produced by a cylindrical tower near to a transmitting towerJ. Blythe

A technique to simulate the self and mutual impedances of an arrayC. Brown;T. Carberry

Modulating a Van Atta reflectorR. Hansen;R. Wanselow

The avoidance of multiple beams in Chebychev arraysR. Elliot

Shaped grating lobesA.Durham;W. Cummings;C. Watts

The reflected voltage of a line with an antenna load for pulse excitationC. Williams

Comments on surface waves along plasma slabsT. Tamir;A. Oliner;H. Hodara;G. Cohn