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Special Issue on Conformal Arrays


PrefaceW. Kummer

An electronically scanned beacon antennaA. Holley; E. DuFort; R. Dell-Imagine

Electronically scanned TACAN antennaE. Christopher

A cylindrical array for the TACAN systemL. Shestag

Analysis of periodic arrays of waveguide apertures on conducting cylinders covered by dielectricQ. Balzano

Conical array studiesA. Munger; G. Vaughn; J. Provencher; B. Gladman

Approximation techniques for the mutual admittance of slot antennas on metallic conesK. Golden; G. Stewart; D. Pridmore-Brown

Ray analysis of conformal antenna arraysJ. Shapira; L. Felsen; A. Hessel

Design of a small conformal arrayG. Thiele; Cheng Donn

An electronically despun array flush-mounted on a cylindrical spacecraftW. Gregorwich

Conformal microstrip antennas and microstrip phased arraysR. Munson

Circularly symmetric RF commutator for cylindrical phased arraysB. Bogner

Patterns and polarizations of simultaneously excited planar arrays on a conformal surfaceJ. Hsiao; A. Cha

An analysis of the radiation from circular arrays of directive elementsJ. Blass

A theory of antenna array conformal to surfaces of revolutionJ. Gobert; R. Yang

Mutual coupling analysis of arrays of apertures on conesQ. Balzano; T. Dowling

Wide-angle scanning of linear arrays located on conesA. Villeneuve; M. Behnke; W. Kummer

Optimization of array performance subject to multiple power pattern constraintsR. Kurth

A matrix formulation for large scale numerical computation of the finite planar waveguide array problemA. Cha; J. Hsiao

On optimum synthetic linear arrays with application to radioastronomyF. Biraud; E. Blum; J. Ribes

Application of an integral equation formulation to the prediction of space shuttle annular slot antenna radiation patternsJ. Jones; J. Richmond

Scalar analysis of nonsymmetrically distorted umbrella reflectorW. Imbriale; W. Rusch

Short pulse response of a circular loopJ. Landt; E. Miller

Large reflector antenna pattern computation using moment methodsJ. Kinzel

A leaky-wave antenna using an artificial dielectric mediumI. Bahl; K. Gupta

Eigenvalues of spherical surface-wave modes in corrugated conical hornsM. Narasimhan

Tumble-average radar backscatter of some thin-wire chaff elementsJ. Richmond; L. Schwab; R. Wickliff

Application of the impedance sheet concept to thin periodically varying dielectricsJ. Mayhan

High temperature RF transmission tests on EM windows conducted at the French solar furnaceH. Bassett

Scattering from an elliptic cylinder loaded with an active or passive continuously variable surface impedanceN. Alexopoulos; G. Tadler; F. Schott

Wind dependence of quasi-specular microwave sea sc D. BarrickatterD. Barrick

Propagation velocity of whistler-mode signals in an unstable and abnormally dispersive plasma-beam systemH. Matsumoto; I. Kimura

Plasma density determinationG. Balanis

Application of state-space method to scattering from plane-stratified mediaHizal

Diffusion of electromagnetic pulses into the earth from a line sourceD. Hill; J. Wait

Antenna array directional patternsG. Wilson