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Special Issue on Artificial Magnetic Conductors, Soft/Hard Surfaces, and other Complex Surfaces


Guest EditorialP.-S. Kildal, A. A. Kishk, and S. Maci


The Design Synthesis of Multiband Artificial Magnetic Conductors Using High Impedance Frequency Selective SurfacesD. J. Kern, D. H. Werner, A. Monorchio, L. Lanuzza, and M. J. Wilhelm

Bandwidth Determination for Soft and Hard Ground Planes by Spectral FDTD: A Unified Approach in Visible and Surface Wave RegionsA. Aminian, F. Yang, and Y. Rahmat-Samii

Efficient Calculation of the Dispersion Diagram of Planar Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structures by the MoM/BI-RME MethodM. Bozzi, S. Germani, L. Minelli, L. Perregrini, and P. de Maagt

Modal Properties of Surface and Leaky Waves Propagating at Arbitrary Angles Along a Metal Strip Grating on a Grounded SlabP. Baccarelli, P. Burghignoli, F. Frezza, A. Galli, P. Lampariello, G. Lovat, and S. Paulotto

Modal Characteristics of Planar Transmission Lines With Periodical Perturbations: Their Behaviors in Bound, Stopband, and Radiation RegionsY.-C. Chen, C.-K. C. Tzuang, T. Itoh, and T. K. Sarkar

Homogenization of Metamaterial Surfaces and Slabs: The Crossed Wire Mesh Canonical ProblemM. G. Silveirinha and C. A. Fernandes

A Pole-Zero Matching Method for EBG Surfaces Composed of a Dipole FSS Printed on a Grounded Dielectric SlabS. Maci, M. Caiazzo, A. Cucini, and M. Casaletti

EM Scattering From the Edge of a Semi-Infinite Planar Strip Grating Using Approximate Boundary ConditionsP. Nepa, G. Manara, and A. Armogida

Fundamental Properties of the Field at the Interface Between Air and a Periodic Artificial Material Excited by a Line SourceF. Capolino, D. R. Jackson, and D. R. Wilton

Miniaturized Rectangular Hard Waveguides for Use in Multifrequency PhasedM. Ng Mou Kehn and P.-S. Kildal

Waveguide Miniaturization Using Uniaxial Negative Permeability MetamaterialS. Hrabar, J. Bartolic, and Z. Sipus

Guided-Wave Characteristics of Waveguide Based Periodic Structures Loaded With Various FSS Strip LayersR. S. Kshetrimayum and L. Zhu

A New Class of Dielectric-Loaded Hybrid-Mode Horn Antennas With Selective Gain Design and Analysis by Single Mode Model and Method of MomentsE. Lier and A. Kishk

Mode-Matching Modeling of a Hard Conical Quasi-TEM Horn Realized by an EBG Structure With Strips and ViasS. P. Skobelev and P.-S. Kildal

Electromagnetic Modeling and Optimization of Spatial Power Combiners/Dividers With Hard HornsM. Ozkar and A. Mortazawi

A Two-Dimensional Millimeter Wave Phase Scanned Lens Utilizing Analog Electromagnetic Crystal (EMXT) Waveguide Phase ShiftersH. Xin, J. B. West, J. C. Mather, J. P. Doane, J. A. Higgins, H. Kazemi, and M. J. Rosker

Characterization of a Volumetric Metamaterial Realization of an Artificial Magnetic Conductor for Antenna ApplicationsA. Erentok, P. Luljak, and R. W. Ziolkowski

An Electromagnetic Bandgap Curl Antenna for Phased ArrayJ.-M. Baracco, M. Paquay, and P. de Maagt

A Uni-Directional Ring-Slot Antenna Achieved by Using an Electromagnetic Band-Gap SurfaceF. Elek, R. Abhari, and G. V. Eleftheriades

Effects on the Radiation Characteristics of Using a Corrugated Reflector With a Helical Antenna and an Electromagnetic Band-Gap Reflector With a Spiral AntennaH. Nakano, K. Hitosugi, N. Tatsuzawa, D. Togashi, H. Mimaki, and J. Yamauchi

Radiation-Pattern Improvement of Patch Antennas on a Large-Size Substrate Using a Compact Soft-Surface Structure and Its Realization on LTCC Multilayer TechnologyR. Li, G. DeJean, M. M. Tentzeris, J. Papapolymerou, and J. Laskar

Artificial Magnetic Conductor Surfaces and Their Application to Low-Profile High-Gain Planar AntennasA. P. Feresidis, G. Goussetis, S. Wang, and J. C. Vardaxoglou

A Planar Resonator Antenna Based on a Woodpile EBG MaterialA. R. Weily, L. Horvath, K. P. Esselle, B. C. Sanders, and T. S. Bird

Application of Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Superstrates With Controllable Defects for a Class of Patch Antennas as Spatial Angular FiltersY. J. Lee, J. Yeo, R. Mittra, and W. S. Park

Forward and Backward Leaky Wave Radiation With Large Effective Aperture From an Electronically Tunable Textured SurfaceD. F. Sievenpiper