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Special Issue on Antennas for Satellite Communications


Guest Editorial: Antennas for Satellite Communications S. Gao, N. F. Chamberlain, and Y. J. Guo


Technology Trends and Challenges of Antennas for Satellite Communication Systems Y. Rahmat-Samii and A. C. Densmore

Advanced Antenna Technologies for Satellite Communications Payloads S. K. Rao


Spaceborne Antennas

A Reflector Antenna Concept Robust Against Feed Failures for Satellite Communications S. Huber, M. Younis, G. Krieger, A. Moreira, and W. Wiesbeck

A wideband High-Gain High-Efficiency Hybrid Integrated Plate Array Antenna for V-Band Inter-Satellite Links J. Wu, Y. J. Cheng, and Y. Fan

Reflectarray Antennas for Dual Polarization and Broadband Telecom Satellite Applications R. Florencio, J. A. Encinar, R. R. Boix, V. Losada, and G. Toso

Design and Optimization of a Single-Layer Planar Transmit-Receive Contoured Beam Reflectarray with Enhanced Performance M. Zhou, O. Borries, and E. Jørgensen

Design of a Multilayer X-/Ka-Band Frequency-Selective Surface-Backed Reflectarray for Satellite Applications M. R. Chaharmir and J. Shaker

C-Band Multiple Beam Antennas for Communication Satellites J. M. Montero, A. M. Ocampo, and N. J. G. Fonseca

Miniaturized Array Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Materials for Satellite-Based AIS System L. J. Foged, A. Giacomini, F. Saccardi, L. M. Tancioni, V. Schirosi, A. Di Cintio, G. D. Pietra, A. Caliumi, G. Duchini, N. J. G. Fonseca, P. de Maagt, and J.-M. Baracco

Modulated Metasurface Antennas for Space: Synthesis, Analysis and Realizations G. Minatti, M. Faenzi, E. Martini, F. Caminita, P. De Vita, D. Gonz´alez-Ovejero, M. Sabbadini, and S. Maci

The Eutelsat 3B Top-Floor Steerable Antennas K. Glatre, P. R. Renaud, R. Guillet, and Y. Gaudette

A Reflectarray-Based Dual-Surface Reflector Working in Circular Polarization M.-A. Joyal, R. El Hani, M. Riel, Y. Demers, and J.-J. Laurin

Design Guidelines of Horn Antennas That Combine Horizontal and Vertical Corrugations for Satellite Communications J. Teniente, A. Mart´ınez, B. Larumbe, A. Ib´a˜nez, and R. Gonzalo

A BST-Integrated Capacitively Loaded Patch for Ka- and X-band Beamsteerable Reflectarray Antennas in Satellite Communications K. K. Karnati, Y. Shen, M. E. Trampler, S. Ebadi, P. F. Wahid, and X. Gong

Ultrawideband Antennas for Multiband Satellite Communications at UHF–Ku Frequencies M. H. Novak and J. L. Volakis

An Imaging Reflector System with Reduced Scanning Aberrations C. Sciannella and G. Toso

New Conceptual Structure Design for Affordable Space Large Deployable F. Zheng and M. Chen

A Compact Dual-Band Orthogonal Circularly Polarized Antenna Array With Disparate Elements S. Ye, J. Geng, X. Liang, Y. Jay Guo, and R. Jin

User Terminal Antennas for Mobile Satellite Communications

Design and Analysis of a Reflectarray Using Slot Antenna Elements for Ka-band SatCom Q. Luo, S. Gao, C. Zhang, D. Zhou, T. Chaloun, W. Menzel, V. Ziegler, and M. Sobhy

A Novel Hybrid Phased Array Antenna for Satellite Communication on-the-Move in Ku-band G. Han, B. Du, W. Wu, and B. Yang

Monolithic-Integrated MEMS-Tunable Reflective Cell for Ku-Band Mobile Satellite Two-Way Connectivity H. Moghadas, M. Daneshmand, P. Mousavi, M. R. Chaharmir, and J. Shaker 1384

A Transportable Reflectarray Antenna for Satellite Ku-band Emergency Communications S. Montori, F. Cacciamani, R. V. Gatti, R. Sorrentino, G. Arista, C. Tienda, J. Encinar, and G. Toso

Virtual Phase Shifter Array and Its Application on Ku Band Mobile Satellite Reception P. Chen, W. Hong, H. Zhang, J. Chen, H. Tang, and Z. Chen

Low-Cost Vertical Patch Antenna With Wide Axial-Ratio Beamwidth for Handheld Satellite Communications Terminals K.-B. Ng, C. H. Chan, and K.-M. Luk

Novel Hybrid Antenna for Broadcasting Satellite and Terrestrial HD-TV Y. Okano, M. Takatsuka, T. Mizutani, and S. Fujisawa

Synthesis Techniques for Antenna Arrays

Automated Synthesis of a Lunar Satellite Antenna SystemJ. D. Lohn, D. S. Linden, B. Blevins, T. Greenling, and M. R. Allard

Synthesis of Isophoric Sparse Arrays Allowing Zoomable Beams and Arbitrary Coverage in Satellite Communications O. M. Bucci, S. Perna, and D. Pinchera

Other Antennas, Beamforming Network and Polarization Selective Surface

Analytical Beam Forming for Circularly Symmetric Conformal Apertures K. Xu, D. Ye, Z. Zhu, J. Huangfu, Y. Sun, C. Li, and L. Ran

Alternative Topologies of Circular Polarization Selective Surfaces Based on Modifications of the Pierrot Cell I. Lopez and J.-J. Laurin

Design of Broadband Transmitarray Unit Cells With Comparative Study of Different Numbers of Layers H. Nematollahi, J.-J. Laurin, J. E. Page, and J. A. Encinar