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Special Issue on Antennas for Next Generation Radio Telescopes


Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Antennas for Next Generation Radio TelescopesK. F. Warnick, M. V. Ivashina, and S. G. Hay

Antenna Analysis and Optimization

Optimization of Reflection Coefficient of Large Log-Periodic Array by Computing Only a Small Part of ItJ. Yang and P.-S. Kildal

Analysis of Large Microstrip-Fed Tapered Slot Antenna Arrays by Combining Electrodynamic and Quasi-Static Field ModelsR. Maaskant, M. V. Ivashina, O. Iupikov, E. A. Redkina, S. Kasturi, and D. H. Schaubert

Ultra-Wideband Aperture Array Element Design for Low Frequency RadioE. de Lera Acedo, N. Razavi-Ghods, L. E. Garcia, P. Duffett-Smith, and P. Alexander

Hybrid ADS-Based Techniques for Radio Astronomy Array DesignG. Oliveri, F. Caramanica, and A. Massa

Connected Patch Array Analysis Using the Characteristic Basis Function MethodS. G. Hay, J. D. O’Sullivan, and R. Mittra

A Simplified Method for Reducing Mutual Coupling Effects in Low Frequency Radio Telescope Phased ArraysA. J. Kerkhoff and H. Ling

Estimation of Coupled Noise in Low Noise Phased Array AntennasM. Roy and D. George

Sensitivity of Antenna Arrays for Long-Wavelength Radio AstronomyS. W. Ellingson

An Optimal Beamforming Strategy for Wide-Field Surveys With Phased-Array-Fed Reflector AntennasM. V. Ivashina, O. Iupikov, R. Maaskant, W. A. van Cappellen, and T. Oosterloo

Design and Characterization of an Active Impedance Matched Low-Noise Phased Array FeedK. F. Warnick, D. Carter, T. Webb, J. Landon, M. Elmer, and B. D. Jeffs

System and Prototype Design

Low Sidelobe Corrugated Horn Antennas for Radio Telescopes to Maximize G/TsJ. Teniente, R. Gonzalo, and C. del Río

L-Band Feed Horn and Orthogonal Mode Transducer for the KAT-7 Radio TelescopeR. Lehmensiek and I. P. Theron

Wideband Diagonal Quadruple-Ridge Orthomode Transducer for Circular Polarization DetectionG. M. Coutts

Octave Bandwidth Orthomode Transducers for the Expanded Very Large ArrayG. M. Coutts

Cryogenic 2–13 GHz Eleven Feed for Reflector Antennas in Future Wideband Radio TelescopesJ. Yang, M. Pantaleev, P.-S. Kildal, B. Klein, Y. Karandikar, L. Helldner, N. Wadefalk, and C. Beaudoin

Non-Planar Quasi-Self-Complementary Ultra-Wideband Feed AntennaG. Cortes-Medellin

Towards an Ultra Wideband Low Noise Active Sinuous Feed for Next Generation Radio TelescopesR. Gawande and R. Bradley

The Design and Performance of a Wideband Radio Telescope for the GAVRT ProgramW. A. Imbriale, S. Weinreb, G. Jones, H. Mani, and A. Akgiray

Gridded Vivaldi Antenna Feed System for the Northern Cross Radio TelescopeG. Virone, R. Sarkis, C. Craeye, G. Addamo, and O. A. Peverini

The 1.4-m Telescope for the Q/U Imaging ExperimentW. A. Imbriale, J. Gundersen, and K. L. Thompson

Experimental Verification

In Situ Antenna Performance Evaluation of the LOFAR Phased Array RadioS. J. Wijnholds and W. A. van Cappellen

EMBRACE: A Multi-Beam 20,000-Element Radio Astronomical Phased Array Antenna DemonstratorG. W. Kant, P. D. Patel, S. J. Wijnholds, M. Ruiter, and E. van der Wal

Primary Beam and Dish Surface Characterization at the Allen Telescope Array by Radio HolographyG. R. Harp, R. F. Ackermann, Z. J. Nadler,S. K. Blair, M. M. Davis, M. C. H. Wright, J. R. Forster, D. R. DeBoer, W. J. Welch, S. Atkinson, D. C. Backer, P. R.Backus, W. Barott, A. Bauermeister, L. Blitz, D. C.-J. Bock, G. C. Bower, T. Bradford, C. Cheng, S. Croft, M. Dexter, J.Dreher, G. Engargiola, E. D. Fields, C. Heiles, T. Helfer, J. Jordan, S. Jorgensen, T. Kilsdonk, C. Gutierrez-Kraybill,G. Keating, C. Law, J. Lugten, D. H. E. MacMahon, P. McMahon, O. Milgrome, A. Siemion, K. Smolek, D. Thornton,T. Pierson, K. Randall, J. Ross, S. Shostak, J. C. Tarter, L. Urry, D. Werthimer, P. K. G. Williams, and D. Whysong

Stiffness Study of a Hexapod Telescope PlatformY.-D. Huang, P. Raffin, and M.-T. Chen

Open Questions and Future Challenges

Broadband Beamforming of Focal Plane Array (FPA) Signals Using Real-Time Spatio-Temporal 3D FIR Frustum Digital FiltersT. K. Gunaratne, L. Bruton, and P. Agathoklis

Antenna Array Geometries to Reduce the Compute Load in Radio TelescopesJ. D. Bunton

Demonstration of a Dual-Polarized Phased-Array FeedB. Veidt, G. J. Hovey, T. Burgess, R. J. Smegal, R. Messing, A. G. Willis, A. D. Gray, and P. E. Dewdney

A Fundamental Figure of Merit for Radio PolarimetersT. D. Carozzi and G. Woan