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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation on Body-Centric Wireless Communications


Guest Editorial Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 60–90 GHz Wireless CommunicationsY. J. Guo, D. Liu, and N. C. Bird



Characteristics of Cavity Slot Antenna for Body-Area NetworksN. Haga, K. Saito, M. Takahashi, and K. Ito

Antennas for Over-Body-Surface Communication at 2.45 GHzG. A. Conway and W. G. Scanlon

A Grip Study for Talk and Data Modes in Mobile PhonesM. Pelosi, O. Franek, M. B. Knudsen, M. Christensen, and G. F. Pedersen

Experimental Characterization of UWB Antennas for On-Body CommunicationsT. S. P. See and Z. Chen

Transient Characteristics of Wearable Antennas and Radio Propagation Channels for Ultrawideband Body-Centric Wireless CommunicationsA. Alomainy, A. Sani, A. Rahman, J. G. Santas, and Y. Hao

A Feasibility Study of Tissue Characterization Using LC SensorsM. Yvanoff and J. Venkataraman

Performances of an Implanted Cavity Slot Antenna Embedded in the Human ArmW. Xia, K. Saito, M. Takahashi, and K. Ito

Conformal Ingestible Capsule Antenna: A Novel Chandelier MeanderedP. M. Izdebski, H. Rajagopalan, and Y. Rahmat-Samii

Body-Worn E-Textile Antennas: The Good, the Low-Mass, and the ConformalT. F. Kennedy, P. W. Fink, A. W. Chu, N. J. Champagne, G. Y. Lin, and M. A. Khayat

A Textile Antenna for Off-Body Communication Integrated Into Protective Clothing for FirefightersC. Hertleer, H. Rogier, L. Vallozzi, and L. Van Langenhove

Dual-Band Wearable Textile Antenna on an EBG SubstrateS. Zhu and R. Langley

Propagation and Channel Characteristics

Transmission Mechanism of Wearable Device for On-Body Wireless CommunicationsT. Sasamori, M. Takahashi, and T. Uno

A Time-Domain Approach to the Analysis and Modeling of On-Body Propagation Characteristics Using Synchronized Measurements at 2.45 GHzS. L. Cotton, G. A. Conway, and W. G. Scanlon

Diversity Performance Analysis for On-Body Communication Channels at 2.45 GHzI. Khan, P. S. Hall, A. A. Serra, A. R. Guraliuc, and P. Nepa

On-Body Diversity and Angle-of-Arrival Measurement Using a Pattern Switching AntennaM. R. Kamarudin, Y. I. Nechayev, and P. S. Hall

Characterization of the Indoor Multiantenna Body-to-Body Radio ChannelY. Wang, I. B. Bonev, J. O. Nielsen, I. Z. Kovács, and G. F. Pedersen

Channel Characterization for Single- and Multiple-Antenna Wearable Systems Used for Indoor Body-to-Body CommunicationsS. L. Cotton and W. G. Scanlon

An On-Body Channel Model for UWB Body Area Communications for Various PosturesQ. Wang, T. Tayamachi, I. Kimura, and J. Wang

Modeling and Characterization of Biotelemetric Radio Channel From Ingested Implants Considering Organ ContentsA. Alomainy and Y. Hao


An Efficient FDTD Algorithm Based on the Equivalence Principle for Analyzing Onbody Antenna PerformanceA. Sani, Y. Zhao, Y. Hao, A. Alomainy, and C. Parini