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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation at mm- and Sub mm-Waves


Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation at mm- and Sub mm-Waves D. Liu, J. Hirokawa, J. Costa, C. Fernandes and R. Sauleau


Theory, Modeling and Features of Optical Nanoantennas A. Alù and N. Engheta

Nanostructures and Other THz and mm-wave Devices

Electromagnetic Characterization of High Absorption Sub-Wavelength Optical Nanostructure Photovoltaics for Solar Energy Harvesting T. J. Brockett, H. Rajagopalan, R.B. Laghumavarapu, D. Hufakker, and Y. Rahmat-Samii

Terahertz Antenna Phase Shifters Using Integrally-Gated Graphene Transmission-Lines P.-Y. Chen, C. Argyropoulos, and A. Alù

Theoretical Modeling of a Photoconductive Antenna in a Terahertz Pulsed System N. Khiabani, Y. Huang, Y.-C. Shen, and S. J. Boyes

Low Mass Calibration Target for MM-Wave Remote Sensing Instruments A. Murk, J. R. Reveles, R. Wylde, G. Bell, I. Zivkovic, A. McNamara, and P. de Maagt

Compact Antennas and Antennas in a Package Bonding Wire Loop Antenna in Standard Ball Grid Array Package for 60-GHz Short-Range Wireless Communication Y. Tsutsumi, T. Ito, K. Hashimoto, S. Obayashi, H. Shoki, and H. Kasami

Integrated 122-GHz Antenna on a Flexible Polyimide Substrate With Flip Chip Interconnect, S. Beer H. Gulan, C. Rusch, and T. Zwick

Grid Assembly-Free 60-GHz Antenna Module Embedded in FR-4 Transceiver Carrier Board W. Hong, K.-H. Baek, and A. Goudelev

Millimeter-Wave Horn-Type Antenna-in-Package Solution Fabricated in a Teflon-Based Multilayer PCB Technology A. Enayati, G. A. E. Vandenbosch, and W. De Raedt

Design Aspects of an Antenna-MMIC Interface Using a Stacked Patch at 71–86 GHz, S. L. Smith T. Merkle, K. W. Smart, S. G. Hay, M. Shen, and F. Ceccato

Slot-Coupled Millimeter-Wave Dielectric Resonator Antenna for High-Efficiency Monolithic Integration, L. Ohlsson T. Bryllert, C. Gustafson, D. Sjöberg, M. Egard, M. Ärlelid, and L.-E. Wernersson

New Movable Plate for Efficient Millimeter Wave Vertical on-Chip Antenna L. Marnat, A. A. A. Carreno, D. Conchouso, M. G. Mart´ınez, I. G. Foulds, and A. Shamim

60-GHz End-Fire Fan-Like Antennas With Wide Beamwidth M. Sun, X. Qing, and Z. N. Chen

The Design of Broadband 60 GHz AMC Antenna in Multi-Chip RF Data Transmission H.-H. Yeh, N. Hiramatsu, and K. L. Melde

60 GHz Ultrawideband Polarimetric MIMO Sensing for Wireless Multi-Gigabit and Radar A.P. Garcia Ariza, R. Müller, F. Wollenschläger, A. Schulz, M. Elkhouly, Y. Sun, S. Glisic, U. Trautwein, R. Stephan, J. Müller, R. S. Thomä, and M. A. Hein

Analysis of Ring-Slot Array Antenna Using Hybrid Matrix Formulation A. K. Bhattacharyya, A. R. Cherrette, and R. D. Bruno

Feasibility Study of Optically Transparent CPW-Fed Monopole Antenna at 60-GHz ISM Bands J. Hautcoeur, L. Talbi, and K. Hettak

Focusing and Collimating Antennas

Shaped Lens-Like Dome for UWB Antennas With a Gaussian-Like Radiation Pattern, N. T. Nguyen, A. V. Boriskin A. Rolland, L. Le Coq, and R. Sauleau

Millimeter-Wave Electronically Steerable Integrated Lens Antennas for WLAN/WPAN Applications A. Artemenko, A. Maltsev, A. Mozharovskiy, A. Sevastyanov, V. Ssorin, and R. Maslennikov

An Active Reconfigurable Antenna at 60 GHz Based on Plate Inhomogeneous Lens and Feeders O. Lafond, M. Himdi, H. Merlet, and P. Lebars

270-GHz LTCC-Integrated High Gain Cavity-Backed Fresnel Zone Plate Lens Antenna J. Xu, Z. N. Chen, and X. Qing

The Photo-Injected Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna: Optoelectronic Beam Steering at mm-Wave Frequencies T. F. Gallacher, D. A. Robertson, and G. M. Smith

Waveguide Fed Broadband Millimeter Wave Short Backfire AntennaS.-W. Qu, K. B. Ng, and C. H. Chan

Design and Experimental Validation of Liquid Crystal-Based Reconfigurable Reflectarray Elements With Improved Bandwidth in F-BandG. Perez-Palomino, P. Baine, R. Dickie, M. Bain, J. A. Encinar, R. Cahill, M. Barba, and G. Toso

Compact Wideband Corrugated Feedhorns With Ultra-Low Sidelobes for Very High Performance Antennas and Quasi-Optical SystemsJ. E. McKay, D. A. Robertson, P.A. S. Cruickshank, R.I. Hunter, D.R. Bolton, R.J. Wylde, and G.M. Smith

Antenna Simulations and Measurements of Focal Plane Array Facet ReflectorsM. Renker, M. Whale, and A. Murk

A Broadband Focal Plane Array Camera for Real-time THz Imaging ApplicationsG. C. Trichopoulos, H. L. Mosbacker, D. Burdette, and K. Sertel

Gain Enhancement of 60-GHz Antipodal Tapered Slot Antenna Using Zero-Index MetamaterialM. Sun, Z. N. Chen, and X. Qing

Planar High-Gain Dielectric-Loaded Antipodal Linearly Tapered Slot Antenna for - and -Band Gigabyte Point-to-Point Wireless ServicesN. Ghassemi and K. Wu

Broadband CPW Feed for Millimeter-Wave SIW-Based Antipodal Linearly Tapered Slot AntennasF. Taringou, D. Dousset, J. Bornemann, and K. Wu

Planar Near-Field Phase Retrieval Using GPUs for Accurate THz Far-Field PredictionG. Junkin

Arrays and Array Theory

LTCC Oversized Rectangular Waveguide Slot Array Antenna With Air-Layer in the Radiating Part in the Millimeter-Wave BandY. She, R. Fujino, J. Hirokawa, M. Ando, D. Hanatani, and M. Fujimoto

140-GHz -Mode Dielectric-Loaded SIW Slot Antenna Array in LTCCJ. Xu, Z. N. Chen, X. Qing, and W. Hong

270-GHz LTCC-Integrated Strip-Loaded Linearly Polarized Radial Line Slot Array AntennaJ. Xu, Z. N. Chen, and X. Qing

Wideband High-Gain 60-GHz LTCC L-Probe Patch Antenna Array With a Soft SurfaceL. Wang, Y.-X. Guo, and W.-X. Sheng

A Hollow Rectangular Coaxial Line for Slot Array Applications Fabricated by Diffusion Bonding of Laminated Thin Metal PlatesM. Sano, J. Hirokawa, and M. Ando

60-GHz Textile Antenna Array for Body-Centric CommunicationsN. Chahat, M. Zhadobov, S. A. Muhammad, L. Le Coq, and R. Sauleau

Dense Delta-Sigma Phased ArraysJ. D. Krieger, C.-P. Yeang, and G. W. Wornell

Generation of Bessel Beams by Two-Dimensional Antenna Arrays Using Sub-Sampled DistributionsP. Lemaitre-Auger, S. Abielmona, and C. Caloz

Channel Modeling and Characterization

Broadband Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements and Models Using Adaptive-Beam Antennas for Outdoor Urban Cellular CommunicationsT. S. Rappaport, F. Gutierrez, E. Ben-Dor, J. N. Murdock, Y. Qiao, and J. I. Tamir

Attenuation Measurements and Propagation Modeling in the W-BandJ. M. García-Rubia, J. M. Riera, P. Garcia-del-Pino, and A. Benarroch

Disconnection Probability Improvement by Using Artificial Multi Reflectors for Millimeter-Wave Indoor Wireless CommunicationsH. Sawada, S. Takahashi, and S. Kato

On-Body Propagation at 60 GHzN.Chahat, G. Valerio, M. Zhadobov, and R. Sauleau.