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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of In-Band Full-Duplex Applications


Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of In-Band Full-Duplex ApplicationsD. Erricolo, D. S. Filipovic, K. Haneda, and Z. Zhang

High-Isolation In-Band Full-Duplex Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas in a Single Resonant CavityR.-S. Chen, L. Zhu, J.-Y. Lin, S.-W. Wong, Y. Yang, Y. Li, L. Zhang, and Y. He

Compact Co-polarized PIFAs for Full-Duplex Application Based on CM/DM Cancellation TheoryJ. Hu, W. Zhang, Y. Li, and Z. Zhang

Design of a Stacked Co-Polarized Full-Duplex Antenna With Broadside RadiationW. Zhang, J. Hu, Y. Li, and Z. Zhang

Dual-Polarized Slot Antenna for Full-Duplex Systems With High IsolationA.-N. Nguyen, V. H. Le, N. Nguyen-Trong, M. Radfar, A. Ebrahimi, K. Phan, and A. Desai

Compact Co-Linearly Polarized Microstrip Antenna With Fence-Strip Resonator Loading for In-Band Full-Duplex SystemsY. He and Y. Li

Planar Ultra-Wideband and Wide-Scanning Dual-Polarized Phased Array With Integrated Coupled-Marchand Balun for High Polarization Isolation and Low Cross-PolarizationJ. X. Sun, Y. J. Cheng, and Y. Fan

Evolution of Circular Mode Phasing for In-Band Full-Duplex Omnidirectional AntennasK. E. Kolodziej, P. T. Hurst, and A. J. Fenn

Co-Circularly Polarized Van Atta Array Enabled by Quasi-Monostatic STAR AntennasS. Yen, L. B. Boskovic, and D. S. Filipovic

Compact Wideband Dual-Polarized In-Band Full-Duplex Antenna SubsystemM. A. Elmansouri, L. B. Boskovic, and D. S. Filipovic

Ultra-Wideband, Compact, and High-Gain Two-Port Antenna System for Full-Duplex ApplicationsM. Amjadi and K. Sarabandi

A Unidirectional, Printed Antenna With High Interport Isolation Over Wider Bandwidth for 2.4 GHz Full Duplex ApplicationsH. Nawaz, N. Ahmad, and J. Aslam

Dual-Polarized Antenna With Dual-Differential Integrated Feeding for Wideband Full-Duplex SystemsM. V. Kuznetcov, S. K. Podilchak, A. J. McDermott, and M. Sellathurai

High-Isolation Dual-Polarized Leaky-Wave Antenna With Fixed Beam for Full-Duplex Millimeter-Wave ApplicationsQ.-C. Ye, Y.-M. Zhang, J.-L. Li, G. F. Pedersen, and S. Zhang

Fixed and Steerable Beam Dual-Polarized Lens Antenna With High Tx to Rx IsolationC. A. M. Hernández, L. B. Boskovic, M. A. Elmansouri, M. Ignatenko, and D. S. Filipovic

A W-Band Low-Profile Dual-Polarized Reflectarray With Integrated Feed for In-Band Full-Duplex ApplicationR. S. Hao, Y. J. Cheng, Y. F. Wu, and Y. Fan

NVNA Test Bench for Characterizing In-Band Full-Duplex Performance of Millimeter-Wave AntennasY. Zhang, Z. He, M. Nie, J. Huang, and Z. Zhang

Full-Duplex Architecture With Broadband Suppression of Reflected Transmit SignalE. I. Ackerman and C. H. Cox, III