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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 60–90 GHz Wireless Communications


Guest Editorial Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 60–90 GHz Wireless CommunicationsY. J. Guo, D. Liu, and N. C. Bird

Statistical Characterization of 60-GHz Indoor Radio ChannelsP. F. M. Smulders

Antenna-on-Chip and Antenna-in-Package Solutions to Highly Integrated Millimeter-Wave Devices for Wireless CommunicationsY. P. Zhang and D. Liu

Antenna-in-Package Design for Wirebond Interconnection to Highly Integrated 60-GHz RadiosY. P. Zhang, M. Sun, K. M. Chua, L. L. Wai, and D. Liu

V-Band On-Chip Dipole-Based AntennaI.-S. Chen, H.-K. Chiou, and N.-W. Chen

Circularly Polarized Ellipse-Loaded Circular Slot Array for Millimeter-Wave WPAN ApplicationsA. R. Weily and Y. J. Guo

Balanced-Fed Planar Antenna for Millimeter-Wave TransceiversJ. A. G. Akkermans, M. H. A. J. Herben, and M. C. van Beurden

High-Gain Hybrid Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Applications: Design and ImplementationA. Perron, T. A. Denidni, and A.-R. Sebak

Low-Profile Directive Millimeter-Wave Antennas Using Free-Formed Three-Dimensional (3-D) Electromagnetic Bandgap StructuresY. Lee, X. Lu, Y. Hao, S. Yang, J. R. G. Evans, and C. G. Parini

UC-EBG on LTCC for 60-GHz Frequency Band Antenna ApplicationsA. E. I. Lamminen, A. R. Vimpari, and J. Säily

Gigabit per Second Data Transfer in High-Gain Metamaterial Structures at 60 GHzS. J. Franson and R. W. Ziolkowski

Compact Beam-Steerable Lens Antenna for 60-GHz WirelessJ. R. Costa, E. B. Lima, and C. A. Fernandes

Indoor Radio Reception at 60 GHz: Fading Mitigation Using DiversityM. G. Sánchez, A. V. Alejos, and I. Cuiñas

A Modified SV-Model Suitable for Line-of-Sight Desktop Usage of Millimeter-Wave WPAN SystemsY. Shoji, H. Sawada, C.-S. Choi, and H. Ogawa

Evaluation of the Potential Biological Effects of the 60-GHz Millimeter Waves Upon Human CellsM. Zhadobov, C. Nicolas Nicolaz, R. Sauleau, F. Desmots, D. Thouroude, D. Michel, and Y. Le Dréan