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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 5G Communication


EDITORIAL Message From the Editor-in-Chief D. Erricolo

Guest Editorial: What will 5G Antennas and Propagation Be? D. Liu, W. Hong, T. S. Rappaport, C. Luxey, and W. Hong


Overview of Millimeter Wave Communications for Fifth-Generation (5G) Wireless Networks—With a Focus on Propagation Models T. S. Rappaport, Y. Xing, G. R. MacCartney, Jr., A. F. Molisch, E. Mellios, and J. Zhang

Multibeam Antenna Technologies for 5G Wireless Communications W. Hong, Z. H. Jiang, C. Yu, J. Zhou, P. Chen,Z. Yu, H. Zhang, B. Yang, X. Pang, M. Jiang, Y. Cheng, M. K. T. Al-Nuaimi, Y. Zhang, J. Chen, and S. He

Millimeter-Wave 5G Antennas for Smartphones: Overview and Experimental Demonstration W. Hong, K.-H. Baek, and S. Ko



Planar Aperture Antenna With High Gain and High Aperture Efficiency for 60-GHz Applications J. Guo, S. Liao, Q. Xue, and S. Xiao

High-Efficiency 3-D Antenna for 60-GHz Band Z. Ahmad and J. Hesselbarth

Dual-Polarized Quasi Yagi–Uda Antennas With Endfire Radiation for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Terminals Y.-W. Hsu, T.-C. Huang, H.-S. Lin, and Y.-C. Lin

An Independently Tunable Tri-Band Antenna Design for Concurrent Multiband Single Chain Radio Receivers Q. Bai, R. Singh, K. L. Ford, T. O’Farrell, and R. J. Langley

Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide-Fed Array Antenna Covering 57–71 GHz Band for 5G Applications Q. Zhu, K. B. Ng, C. H. Chan, and K.-M. Luk

A Low-Profile Broadband 32-Slot Continuous Transverse Stub Array for Backhaul Applications in E-Band T. Potelon, M. Ettorre, L. Le Coq, T. Bateman, J. Francey, D. Lelaidier, E. Seguenot, F. Devillers, and R. Sauleau

A Millimeter-Wave Dual-Feed Square Loop Antenna for 5G Communications S. Li, T. Chi, Y. Wang, and Hua Wang

A Low Profile Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Body-Centric Applications M. Ur-Rehman, N. A. Malik, X. Yang, Q. H. Abbasi, Z. Zhang, and N. Zhao

High-Gain Printed Log-Periodic Dipole Array Antenna With Parasitic Cell for 5G Communication Q.-X. Chu, X.-R. Li, and M. Ye

A Study of 28 GHz, Planar, Multilayered, Electrically Small, Broadside Radiating, Huygens Source Antennas M.-C. Tang, T. Shi, and R. W. Ziolkowski


Low-Cost Aperture-Coupled 60-GHz-Phased Array Antenna Package With Compact Matching Network T. Zhang, L. Li, M. Xie, H. Xia, X. Ma, and T. J. Cui

90 GHz CMOS Phased-Array Transmitter Integrated on LTCC A. Vahdati, A. Lamminen, M. Varonen, J. Säily, M. Lahti, K. Kautio, M. Lahdes, D. Parveg, D. Karaca, and K. A. I. Halonen

Antenna-in-Package Design Considerations for Ka-Band 5G Communication Applications D. Liu, X. Gu, C. W. Baks, and A. Valdes-Garcia

Ball Grid Array Module With Integrated Shaped Lens for 5G Backhaul/Fronthaul Communications in F-Band A. Bisognin, N. Nachabe, C. Luxey, F. Gianesello, D. Gloria, J. R. Costa, C. A. Fernandes, Y. Alvarez, A. Arboleya-Arboleya, J. Laviada, F. Las-Heras, N. Dolatsha, B. Grave, M. Sawaby, and A. Arbabian

A Magnetoelectric Dipole Leaky-Wave Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Application K.-M. Mak, K.-K. So, H.-W. Lai, and K.-M. Luk


Low-Cost Wideband mm-Wave Phased Array Using the Piezoelectric Transducer for 5G Z. Briqech, A.-R. Sebak, and T. A. Denidni

A Planar Switchable 3-D-Coverage Phased Array Antenna and Its User Effects for 28-GHz Mobile Terminal Applications S. Zhang, X. Chen, I. Syrytsin, and G. F. Pedersen

Millimeter-Wave MultiBeam Aperture-Coupled Magnetoelectric Dipole Array With Planar Substrate Integrated Beamforming Network for 5G Applications Y. Li, J. Wang, and K.-M. Luk

Optically Upconverted, Spatially Coherent Phased-Array-Antenna Feed Networks for Beam-Space MIMO in 5G Cellular Communications D. W. Prather, S. Shi, G. J. Schneider, P. Yao, C. Schuetz, J. Murakowski, J. C. Deroba, F. Wang, M. R. Konkol, and D. D. Ross

Parasitic Layer-Based Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for 5G Communications M. A. Hossain, I. Bahceci, and B. A. Cetiner

Assessment of LTCC-Based Dielectric Flat Lens Antennas and Switched-Beam Arrays for Future 5G Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems M. Imbert, J. Romeu, M. Baquero-Escudero, M.-T. Martinez-Ingles, J.-M. Molina-Garcia-Pardo, and L. Jofre

Propagation and Channel Modeling for 5G Wireless

Small-Scale, Local Area, and Transitional Millimeter Wave Propagation for 5G Communications T. S. Rappaport, G. R. MacCartney, Jr., S. Sun, H. Yan, and S. Deng

Map-Based Channel Model for Evaluation of 5G Wireless Communication Systems P. Kyösti, J. Lehtomäki, J. Medbo, and M. Latva-aho

Impact of Microwave and mmWave Channel Models on 5G Systems Performance C. T. Neil, M. Shafi, P. J. Smith, P. A. Dmochowski, and J. Zhang

Millimeter Wave Channel Measurements and Implications for PHY Layer Design V. Raghavan, A. Partyka, L. Akhoondzadeh-Asl, M. A. Tassoudji, O. H. Koymen, and J. Sanelli

Channel Characteristics and User Body Effects in an Outdoor Urban Scenario at 15 and 28 GHz K. Zhao, C. Gustafson, Q. Liao, S. Zhang, T. Bolin, Z. Ying, and S. He

Experimental Characterization and Multipath Cluster Modeling for 13–17 GHz Indoor Propagation Channels C. Ling, X. Yin, H. Wang, and R. S. Thomä

Analysis of E-Band Path Loss and Propagation Mechanisms in the Indoor Environment J. SenicC. Gentile, P. B. Papazian, K. A. Remley, and J.-K. Choi

Measured 21.5 GHz Indoor Channels With User-Held Handset Antenna Array J. Hejselbæk, J. Ø. Nielsen, W. Fan, and G. F. Pedersen

Power Density Measurements at 15 GHz for RF EMF Compliance Assessments of 5G User Equipment B. Xu, K. Zhao, B. Thors, D. Colombi, O. Lundberg, Z. Ying, and S. He

Statistical Investigation of the User Effects on Mobile Terminal Antennas for 5G Applications I. Syrytsin, S. Zhang, G. F. Pedersen, K. Zhao, T. Bolin, and Z. Ying

Near-Field User Exposure in Forthcoming 5G Scenarios in the 60 GHz Band A. R. Guraliuc, M. Zhadobov, R. Sauleau, L. Marnat, and L. Dussopt

Authentication in Millimeter-Wave Body-Centric Networks Through Wireless Channel Characterization N. Zhao, Z. Zhang, M. U. Rehman, A. Ren, X. Yang, J. Zhao, W. Zhao, and B. Dong

Effects of Solar Radio Emissions on Outdoor Propagation Path Loss Models at 60 GHz Bands for Access/Backhaul Links and D2D Communications A. I. Sulyman, H. Seleem, A. Alwarafy, K. M. Humadi, and A. Alsanie

MIMO Systems and Characterizations

Analyzing 5G RF System Performance and Relation to Link Budget for Directive MIMO T. Tuovinen, N. Tervo, and A. Pärssinen

Exploitation of Dual-Polarization Diversity for 5G Millimeter-Wave MIMO Beamforming Systems O. Jo, J.-J. Kim, J. Yoon, D. Choi, and W. Hong

A Comparison of Indoor MIMO Measurements and Ray-Tracing at 24 and 2.55 GHz J. W. Wallace, W. Ahmad, Y. Yang, R. Mehmood, and M. A. Jensen

Performance Comparison of 2 × 2 MIMO Antenna Arrays With Different Configurations and Polarizations in Reverberation Chamber at Millimeter-Waveband S.-J. Park, M.-H. Jeong, K.-B. Bae, D.-C. Kim, L. Minz, and S.-O. Park

A Two Concentric Slot Loop Based Connected Array MIMO Antenna System for 4G/5G Terminals M. S. Sharawi, M. Ikram, and A. Shamim

Analog Eigenmode Transmission for Short-Range MIMO Based on Orbital Angular Momentum K. Murata, N. Honma, K. Nishimori, N. Michishita, and H. Morishita

Evaluation of Massive MIMO Considering Real Propagation Characteristics in the 20-GHz Band R. Taniguchi, K. Nishimori, R. Kataoka, K. Kameyama, K. Kitao, N. Tran, and T. Imai

Finite Large Antenna Arrays for Massive MIMO: Characterization and System Impact C.-M. Chen, V. Volski, L. Van der Perre, G. A. E. Vandenbosch, and S. Pollin

Compact Tapered Slot Antenna Array for 5G Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems B. Yang, Z. Yu, Y. Dong, J. Zhou, and W. Hong

Enhancement Techniques

Array-Antenna Decoupling Surface K.-L. Wu, C. Wei, X. Mei, and Z.-Y. Zhang

Multimode Decoupling Technique With Independent Tuning Characteristic for Mobile Terminals H. Xu, H. Zhou, S. Gao, H. Wang, and Y. Cheng

Codesign of Unconventional Array Architectures and Antenna Elements for 5G Base Stations G. Oliveri, G. Gottardi, F. Robol, A. Polo, L. Poli, M. Salucci, M. Chuan, C. Massagrande, P. Vinetti, M. Mattivi, R. Lombardi, and A. Massa

A High-Order Model for Fast Estimation of Electromagnetic Absorption Induced by Multiple Transmitters in Portable Devices J. Li, S. Yan, Y. Liu, B. M. Hochwald, and J.-M. Jin

Impact of Antenna Topology and Feeding Technique on Coupling With Human Body: Application to 60-GHz Antenna Arrays C. Leduc and M. Zhadobov


A V-Band Switched-Beam Linearly Polarized Transmit-Array Antenna for Wireless Backhaul Applications L. Dussopt, A. Moknache, J. Säily, A. Lamminen, M. Kaunisto, J. Aurinsalo, T. Bateman, and J. Francey

Investigations on Dual Slant Polarized Cavity-Backed Massive MIMO Antenna Panel With Beamforming M. V. Komandla, G. Mishra, and S. K. Sharma