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Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Applications


Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Multifunction Antennas and Antenna SystemsT. S. Bird


Impedance Matching and Implementation of Planar Space-Filling Dipoles as Intraocular Implanted Antennas in a Retinal ProsthesisK. Gosalia, M. S. Humayun, and G. Lazzi

Compact Antenna for Radar-Based Breast Cancer DetectionX. Yun, E. C. Fear, and R. H. Johnston

Simulation of Radiowave Propagation in Hospitals Based on FDTD and Ray-Optical MethodsT. M. Schäfer and W. Wiesbeck

A Generic Statistical-Based UWB Channel Model for High-Rise ApartmentsC.-C. Chong and S. K. Yong

System Identification for Wireless Propagation Channels in TunnelsD. G. Dudley and H.-Y. Pao

Compact Low Cost Dual Polarized Adaptive Planar Phased Array for WLANC. T. P. Song, A. Mak, B. Wong, D. George, and R. D. Murch

An Inverted FL Antenna for Dual-Frequency OperationH. Nakano, Y. Sato, H. Mimaki, and J. Yamauchi

Multipath Performance of Handset Adaptive Array Antennas in the Vicinity of a Human OperatorK. Ogawa, A. Yamamoto, and J. Takada

Dielectric Embedded ESPAR (DE-ESPAR) Antenna Array for Wireless CommunicationsJ. Lu, D. Ireland, and R. Schlub

Virtual Channel Space–Time Processing With Dual-Polarization Discrete Lens Antenna ArraysY. Zhou, S. Rondineau, D. Popovic´, A. Sayeed, and Z. Popovic´

A Low-Cost and Very Compact Wireless Terminal Integrated on the Back of a Waveguide Planar Array for 26 GHz Band Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) SystemsY. Kimura, Y. Miura, T. Shirosaki, T. Taniguchi, Y. Kazama, J. Hirokawa, M. Ando, and T. Shirouzu

Three-Dimensional Interference Investigations for LMDS Networks Using an Urban DatabaseG. Bauer, R. Bose, and R. Jakoby

Intercell Radio Interference Studies in CDMA-Based LMDS NetworksP.-D. M. Arapoglou, A. D. Panagopoulos, J. D. Kanellopoulos, and P. G. Cottis

Antennas for the Next Generation of Low-Frequency Radio TelescopesS. W. Ellingson

Effects of Mutual Coupling on Interference Mitigation With a Focal Plane ArrayK. F. Warnick and M. A. Jensen

Paper-Thin Membrane Aperture-Coupled L-Band AntennasJ. Huang

Advanced Precipitation Radar Antenna: Array-Fed Offset Membrane Cylindrical Reflector AntennaY. Rahmat-Samii, J. Huang, B. Lopez, M. Lou, E. Im, S. L. Durden, and K. Bahadori

A Beam-Scanning Dual-Polarized Fan-Beam Antenna Suitable for Millimeter WavelengthsS. G. Hay, J. W. Archer, G. P. Timms, and S. L. Smith

Design of a Resistively Loaded Vee Dipole for Ultrawide-Band Ground-Penetrating Radar ApplicationsK. Kim and W. R. Scott, Jr.

S-Band Active Phased Array Antenna With Analog Phase Shifters Using Double-Balanced Mixers for Mobile SATCOM VehiclesA. Miura, Y. Fujino, S. Taira, N. Obara, M. Tanaka, T. Ojima, and K. Sakauchi

Modified H-Shaped Antenna for Automotive Digital Terrestrial ReceptionH. Iizuka, T. Watanabe, K. Sato, and K. Nishikawa

Minimax Robust -Beamforming for Radar Array With Antenna SwitchingM.-S. Lee, V. Katkovnik, and Y.-H. Kim

Spiral Elements for Broad-Band Phased ArraysH. Steyskal, J. Ramprecht, and H. Holter

Design of Tapered Leaky-Wave Antennas in Hybrid Waveguide-Planar Technology for Millimeter Waveband ApplicationsJ. L. Gómez-Tornero, A. de la Torre Martínez, D. C. Rebenaque, M. Gugliemi, and A. Álvarez-Melcón.