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Special Issue on Antenna Measurements


PrefaceJ. Hollis

Accurate measurement of antenna gain and polarization at reduced distances by an extrapolation techniqueA. Newell; R. Baird; P. Wacker

A practical method for measuring the complex polarization ratio of arbitrary antennasE. Joy; D. Paris

Probe compensated near-field measurements on a cylinderW. Leach; D. Paris

Measurement of near fields of antennas and scatterersJ. Dyson

The measurement of large antennas with cosmic radio sourcesJ. Baars

Poincaré sphere representation of partially polarized fieldsG. Deschamps; P. Mast

Quadratic antenna systems and noise excited antennasG. Deschamps; P. Mast

Electromagnetic wave absorbers and anechoic chambers through the yearsW. Emerson

Reflectivity level of radio anechoic chambersJ. Appel-Hansen

Measurement techniques for antennas in dissipative mediaL. Scott; G. Smith

Electromagnetic propagation between antennas submerged in the oceanM. Siegel; R. King

Absolute calibration of antennas at extremely low frequenciesM. Clayton; C. Polk; H. Etzold; W. Cooper

Spatial statistics of instrument-limited angular measurement errors in phased array radarsR. Sahmel; R. Manasse

Antenna gain calibration on a ground reflection rangeL. Hemming; R. Heaton

Measurement of the radiation patterns of full-scale HF and VHF antennasG. Barker

Measurement of impedance transformation on practical dipolesD. Kajfez; R. Dube

The generalized multiprobe reflectometer and its application to automated transmission line measurementsR. Caldecott

Remote sensing of complex permittivity by multipole resonances in RCSD. Burr; Yuen Lo

The corrugated horn as an antenna range standardR. Caldecott; C. Mentzer; L. Peters

Focused phased array measurementsM. Fahey; T. Pierce; W. Spaulding

Astigmatism in reflector antennasJ. Cogdell; J. Davis

Accurate boresight measurements of large antennas and radomesL. Oh

Dependence of sidelobe level on random phase error in a linear array antennaB. Kulke