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Special Issue on Advanced Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics


Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Advanced Numerical Techniques in ElectromagneticsR.D Graglia; R.J. Luebbers; D.R Wilton

Mathematical foundations for error estimation in numerical solutions of integral equations in electromagneticsG.C. Hsiao; R.E. Kleinman

Higher order interpolatory vector bases for computational electromagneticsR.D. Graglia;D.R. Wilton;A.F. Peterson

Genetic algorithm optimization applied to electromagnetics: a reviewD.S. Weile;E. Michielssen

The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and the finite-volume time-domain (FVTD) methods in solving Maxwell's equationsK.S. Yee;J.S. Chen

FDTD Maxwell's equations models for nonlinear electrodynamics and opticsR.M. Joseph;A. Taflove

The incorporation of microscopic material models into the FDTD approach for ultrafast optical pulse simulationsR.W. Ziolkowski

An analysis of new and existing FDTD methods for isotropic cold plasma and a method for improving their accuracyS.A. Cummer

A general method for FDTD modeling of wave propagation in arbitrary frequency-dispersive mediaW.H. Weedon; C.M. Rappaport

FDTD local grid with material traverseM.W. Chevalier; R.J. Luebbers; V.P. Cable

Three-dimensional subgridding algorithm for FDTDM. Okoniewski; E. Okoniewska; M.A. Stuchly

Time-domain finite-element methodsJin-Fa Lee;R. Lee;A. Cangellaris

Discretization schemes for high-frequency semiconductor device modelsG. Ghione; A. Benvenuti

Optimization of TLM schemes based on the general symmetrical condensed nodeV. Trenkic; C. Christopoulos; T.M. Benson

Improved PML for the FDTD solution of wave-structure interaction problemsJ.-P. Berenger

Investigation of nonplanar perfectly matched absorbers for finite-element mesh truncationM. Kuzuoglu; R. Mittra

Numerical implementation of second- and third-order conformal absorbing boundary conditions for the vector-wave equationB. Stupfel

Hybrid finite-element methodologies for antennas and scatteringJ.L. Volakis;T. Ozdemir;J. Gong

Multilayered media Green's functions in integral equation formulationsK.A. Michalski;J.R. Mosig

A spectral recursive transformation method for electromagnetic waves in generalized anisotropic layered mediaHung-Yu David Yang

A space-time discretization criterion for a stable time-marching solution of the electric field integral equationG. Manara; A. Monorchio; R. Reggiannini

Fast solution methods in electromagneticsWeng Cho Chew; Jian-Ming Jin; Cai-Cheng Lu;

Scalable solutions to integral-equation and finite-element simulationsT. Cwik; D.S. Katz;J . Patterson

A domain decomposition finite-difference method for parallel numerical implementation of time-dependent Maxwell's equationsYijun Lu; C.Y. Shen

An FEM-based numerical diffraction coefficient for irregular wedge configurationsG. Pelosi;R. Coccioli;G. Manara

The unimoment method applied to elliptical boundariesJian-Ming Jin;Ninglong Lu

Extension of method of moments for electrically large structures based on parallel computationsD.I. Kaklamani; K.S. Nikita; A. Marsh

Efficient hybrid boundary contour mode-matching technique for the accurate full-wave analysis of circular horn antennas including the outer wall geometryJ.M. Rieter;F. Arndt

Application of numerical regularization options to the integral-equation analysis of printed antennasG. Vecchi;L. Matekovits;P. Pirinoli;M. Orefice