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Special Issue on Adaptive Processing Antenna Systems


IntroductionW. Gabriel

Multiple emitter location and signal parameter estimationR. Schmidt

Multiple source DF signal processing: An experimental systemR. Schmidt;R. Franks

Using spectral estimation techniques in adaptive processing antenna systemsW. Gabriel

Spatial spectrum estimation in a coherent signal environment using an array in motionF. Haber;M. Zoltowski

An adaptive generalized sidelobe canceller with derivative constraintsK. Buckley;L. Griffiths

A new set of linear constraints for broad-band time domain element space processorsMeng Er;A. Cantoni

Steady state analysis of the generalized sidelobe canceller by adaptive noise cancelling techniquesN. Jablon

A novel algorithm and architecture for adaptive digital beamformingC. Ward;P. Hargrave;J. McWhirter

Parallel spatial processing: A cure for signal cancellation in adaptive arraysYoung-Lim Su;Tie-Jun Shan;B. Widrow

Wide-band adaptive array processing using pole-zero digital filtersR. Gooch;J. Shynk

Analysis of constrained LMS algorithm with application to adaptive beamforming using perturbation sequencesL. Godara;A. Cantoni

A coherent perturbation algorithmR. Davis; D. Farden; P. Sher

Tamed adaptive antenna arrayK. Takao;N. Kikuma

Exact solution for control loop adaptive antenna weights in band-limited noiseK. Gerlach;R. Lang

Methods for null control and their effects on the radiation patternH. Steyskal;R. Shore;R. Haupt

Area coverage adaptive nulling from geosynchronous satellites: Phased arrays versus multiple-beam antennasJ. Mayhan

Adaptive antenna arrays for weak interfering signalsI. Gupta;A. Ksienski

A planar version of a 4.0 GHz reactively steered adaptive arrayR. Dinger

The effects of reflector antenna diffraction on the interference cancellation performance of coherent sidelobe cancellersR. Ott;R. Dybdal

A practical method of obtaining constant convergence rates in LMS adaptive arraysM. Klemes

Considerations on a scanned adaptive superresolution arrayM. Ohmiya;Y. Ogawa;K. Itoh

An adaptive algorithm for array processingW. Hodgkiss;D. Alexandrou

Fast orthogonalization networksK. Gerlach

An alternate derivation of the distribution of the conditioned signal-to-noise ratioR. Hanumara