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Special issue on Adaptive Antennas


Preface - Special issue on adaptive antennasW. Gabriel

Explorations in fixed and adaptive resolution at GE and SURCP. Howells

Adaptive arraysS. Applebaum

Adaptive arrays for communication systems: An overview of research at the Ohio State UniversityR. Compton; R. Huff; W. Swarner; A. Ksienski

Adaptive arrays in airborne MTI radarL. Brennan; J. Mallett; I. Reed

A comparison of adaptive algorithms based on the methods of steepest descent and random searchB. Widrow; J. McCool

Adaptive sidelobe nulling using digitally controlled phase-shiftersC. Baird; G. Rassweiler

Adaptive arrays with main beam constraintsS. Applebaum; D. Chapman

An adaptive antenna array under directional constraintK. Takao; M. Fujita; T. Nishi

Cascade preprocessors for adaptive antennasW. White

Partial adaptivity for the large arrayD. Chapman

An experimental four-element adaptive arrayR. Compton

Time-domain adaptive beamforming of HF backscatter radar signalsL. Griffiths

An on-line adaptive beamforming capability for HF backscatter radarT. Washburn; L. Sweeney

Tolerances in self-cohering antenna arrays of arbitrary geometryS. Taheri; B. Steinberg

Efficient simulation of external noise incident on arraysL. Brennan; J. Mallett

Suboptimal suppression of directional noise by a sensor array before beam formingW. Wirth

Adaptive beam weightingJ. Gobert

A miniaturized lightweight wideband null steererG. Rassweiler; M. Williams; L. Payne; G. Martin

A phase adaptation algorithmM. Leavitt

Adaptation by direct phase-shift adjustment in narrow-band adaptive antenna systemsP. Thompson

Suggested signal generator-simulator for adaptive antenna testS. Sensiper