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Special Issue: In Memoriam: James R. Wait


A note from the editorL.W. Pearson

James R. Wait - Remarkable scientistE.K. Smith

Introduction to Special IssueD.G.Dudley; Hsueh- Yuan Pao; D.A. Hill

Detection of buried dielectric cavities using the finite-difference time-domain method in conjunction with signal processing techniquesJi-Fu Ma; Wen Hua Yu; R. Mittra

On the use of evanescent electromagnetic waves in the detection and identification of objects buried in lossy soilG.S. Smith; L.E.R. Petersson

Electromagnetic induction and surface impedance in a half-space from an overhead moving current systemHsueh-Yuan Pao; J.R. Wait

Ultrawide-band synthetic aperture radar for detection of unexploded ordnance: modeling and measurementsA. Sullivan; R. Damarla; N. Geng; Yanting Dong; L. Carin

Ray-density normalization for ray-optical wave propagation modeling in arbitrarily shaped tunnelsD. Didascalou; T.M. Schafer; F. Weinmann; W. Wiesbeck

Natural wave propagation in mine environmentsM. Lienard; P. Degauque

Electrostatic resonance-cone waves emitted by a dipole in the ionosphereH.C. James

Ground wave of an idealized lightning return strokeJ.R. Wait; D.A. Hill

Radio wave propagation characteristics in lossy circular waveguides such as tunnels, mine shafts, and boreholesC.L. Holloway; D.A. Hill; R.A. Dalke; G.A. Hufford

Laboratory models used in the investigation of radio wave propagation in irregular structuresE. Bahar

Petrophysics of magnetic dipole fields in an anisotropic earthA.Q. Howard

Application of radio ground-wave propagation theory to the tomographic imaging of ground surfacesZhipeng Wu

On the design of NMR sensor for well-logging applicationsJ.C. Goswami; A. Sezginer; B. Luong

Modeling radio wave propagation in tunnels with a vectorial parabolic equationA.V. Popov; Ning Yan Zhu

Electromagnetic wave propagation on a thin wire above earthR.G. Olsen; J.L. Young; D.C. Chang

Modeling electromagnetic propagation in the Earth-ionosphere waveguideS.A. Cummer

Enhancement of reflected waves in single-hole polarimetric borehole radar measurementT. Miwa; M. Sato; H. Niitsuma

Prof. James R. Wait and mining production technology-an appreciationA.C. Tripp; R. McNearny; C. Furse

Rise times of impulsive high-current processes in cloud-to-ground lightningJ.C. Willett; E.P. Krider

The failure of "classic" perturbation theory at a rough Neumann boundary near grazingD.E. Barrick; R. Fitzgerald

Low-grazing angle scattering from rough surfaces in a duct formed by a linear-square refractive index profileR.S. Awadallah; G.S. Brown

Sommerfeld and Zenneck wave propagation for a finitely conducting one-dimensional rough surfaceA. Ishimaru; J.D. Rockway; Seong-Woo Lee

A viable model for power focusing in a lossy cylinderK.A. Nabulsi; J.R. Wait

On the convergence of a perturbation series solution for reflection from periodic rough surfacesR.K. Rosich; J.R. Wait

Scattering from an ionized column in the Earth-ionosphere spaceJ.R. Wait.