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Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Environments: A Tribute to Leopold B. Felsen


Guest EditorialS. Maci, E. Heyman, and H. L. Bertoni


Fundamental EM Theory

The Forward-Scattering Theorem Applied to the Scattering DyadicC. E. Baum

Internal Energy, Q-Energy, Poynting’s Theorem, and the Stress Dyadic in Dispersive MaterialA. D. Yaghjian

Complex Media

Modelling of Wave Propagation in Wire Media Using Spatially Dispersive Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method:Numerical AspectsY. Zhao, P. A. Belov, and Y. Hao

Molding Left- or Right-Handed Metamaterials by Stacked Cutoff Metallic Hole ArraysM. Beruete, I. Campillo, M. Navarro-Cía, F. Falcone, and M. Sorolla Ayza

Scattering and Diffraction

A Time Domain Formulation of the Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Scattering From a Smooth Convex SurfaceP. R. Rousseau, P. H. Pathak, and H.-T. Chou

Phase Space Gaussian Beam Summation Analysis of Half Plane DiffractionM. Katsav and E. Heyman

Exact Scattering by Isorefractive Paraboloidal RadomesJ. Liang and P. L. E. Uslenghi

Scattering Properties of One-Dimensional Aperiodically-Ordered Strip Arrays Based on Two-Symbol Substitutional SequencesV. Galdi, G. Castaldi, V. Pierro, I. M. Pinto, and L. B. Felsen

Beam Transmission Through Periodic Subwavelength Hole StructuresV. Lomakin and E. Michielssen

Wave Propagation in Complex Environment

A Review of Progress in FDTD Maxwell’s Equations Modeling of Impulsive Subionospheric Propagation Below 300 kHzJ. J. Simpson and A. Taflove

Groundwave Modeling and Simulation Strategies and Path Loss Prediction Virtual ToolsL. Sevgi

Collimated Beam Wave Pulse Propagation and Scattering in Vegetation Using Scalar Transport TheoryG. M. Whitman, F. K. Schwering, and M. Y.-C. Wu

Solution for the Fourth Moment Equation of Waves in Random Continuum Under Strong Fluctuations: General Theory and Plane WaveZ.-W. Xu, J. Wu, Z.-S. Wu, and Q. Li

Imaging of a Target Through Random Media Using a Short-Pulse Focused BeamA. Ishimaru, S. Jaruwatanadilok, and Y. Kuga

Green’s Function Representation

Comparative Analysis of Acceleration Techniques for 2-D and 3-D Green’s Functions in Periodic Structures Along One and Two DirectionsG. Valerio, P. Baccarelli, P. Burghignoli, and A. Galli

Comparison of Methods for Calculating the Field Excited by a Dipole Near a 2-D Periodic MaterialF. Capolino, D. R. Jackson, D. R. Wilton, and L. B. Felsen

Time Domain Weyl’s Identity and the Causality Trick Based Formulation of the Time Domain Periodic Green’s FunctionJ. Gao and B. Shanker

Network Based Field Representation

Generalized Network Formulation: Application to Flange—Mounted Radiating WaveguidesM. Mongiardo, C. Tomassoni, and P. Russer